Why you should unleash your inner DIY Alchemy Goddess!

Ready to indulge yourself? Then call upon your inner DIY alchemy goddess & delve into the sacred and romantic whirlwind art of aromatherapy!

Creating your own luxurious and wholesome beauty and aromatherapy potions evokes a goddess approach to beauty and self-care! With the right knowledge and just a few base ingredients and pure essential oils20160504_114232 you can create eco and natural nutritious feasts for your skin and hair that will leave your body nourished and supple, your skin feeling soft and creamy and your hair drenched in natural goodness!

DIY skin and body potion making is a wholesome and earth friendly pursuit that ensures we’re protecting both our health & the health of the environment. It means you can tailor products to your own individual needs and desires; furthermore, it means reducing your exposure to fake chemical laden fragrances and potentially hazardous preservatives that lurk in many conventional beauty products.

We suggest evolving the making of your creations into a lavish beauty ritual where you can indulge in some ‘me time’ and nurture yourself in a truly holistic manner.  Make a fun-filled DIY day or afternoon of it! Mix it up, play around and find what works best for you (though we suggest following set recipes from trusted sources and consulting advice given from Sal in The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy and/or from Rita Balshaw in her Hippies in the City series.)

Keep an eye on our blog, newsletters and social media sites where we will also be offering some truly beautiful and super simple DIY recipes just for you! Watch this space!