Why you need everlasting oil in your life, now!

We let you in on exactly why we’re head over heels for everlasting essential oil!

Add a few drops of precious elixir into your diffuser to be totally transported into a state reminiscent of a warm embrace. The meditative aroma completely un-knots and unravels any sense of stress or tension to instead infuse you with feelings of emotional calm, softness and ease.

Everlasting’s soothing and stabilising qualities are phenomenal. However, it’s this oil’s performance in treating chronic and acute skin concerns that have secured its place in our hearts. CaptureEverlasting’s skin-regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties have also positioned it as one of the most important essential oils in the aromatherapy world.

The small aromatic shrub grows on dry cliffs and sandy soil. It is adorned with small yellow flowers reminiscent of little golden suns and boasts a powerful and diffusive aroma. Our Replenish and Skin Elixir ranges, as well as ultra-healing Protect and Repair Balm, all contain the oil distilled from these luscious little flowers. Why? Because the oil contains a goldmine of skin-healing properties as well as numerous organic compounds which not only contribute to their scent, flavour and appearance, but are also said to have various medicinal and therapeutic properties. These compounds are known as sesquiterpene and monoterpenes. It is suggested that the diketones found in everlasting may be the drivers behind its amazing wound-healing properties, helping to reduce scar tissue and stimulate new skin tissue growth.

In addition to its incredible anti-inflammatory properties, everlasting is known to speed cellular-growth and assist in wound regeneration. This helps restore your skin’s resilience and promote its elasticity for a healthy, youthful glow! Experts in the field have also attributed its remarkable healing and rejuvenating properties to its cicatriasant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s no surprise that this beautifully healing oil is featured in so many of our potions and ranges…

Check them out below!

Protect and Repair Balm
As close to a miracle balm as you can get, this skin saviour is designed to rescue your skin from dryness and dehydration, cracking, flaking, scarring, chafing and damage. Everlasting is blended with lavender, dragon’s blood, shea, argan and calendula oils to blanket skin in protection and offer it deeply reparative support and nourishment.

Skin Elixir Range
Featuring Skin Elixir, Skin Elixir Body Oil and Skin Elixir Nourishing Cream
Treat yourself to a nutrient-rich skin healing experience with this sacred, aromatic and certified organic range. Everlasting combines with a wealth of other key actives to restore your skin’s natural health and radiance. The precious elixir of skin beautifying properties work deeply into the dermis to encourage healthy cell growth, heal damage, minimise the appearance of scarring and to leave your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth from head to toe.

Replenish Range
Featuring Replenish Face Mask and Replenish Night Balm
Perfect for dry and/or mature skin, this duo stars everlasting essential oil to bring love, nourishment and a radiance boost to your complexion. Everlasting is blended with a precious elixir of essential and pure plant oils to tone, rejuvenate and restore your complexion and increase your skin’s hydration levels. Add Replenish Face Mask and Replenish Night Balm into your evening beauty routine to awaken each morning to soft, smooth, replenished skin and a beautiful healthy glow.