Love & Acceptance with Anahata

So your assessment showed a Heart Chakra imbalance….

If you answered yes to four or more Heart Chakra questions on our Chakra Assessment, your heart chakra may need some attention. Let’s take a look at two examples of an imbalance…

Meet Sharon…

As a child, Sharon was always bringing home stray animals. As an adult, she is the shoulder everyone cries on (when she’s not crying on theirs!). She is a very emotional and ‘in love with love’ kind of girl.  Ever since Sharon can remember she has been in a committed relationship and these relationships become her whole world. Sharon denies and compromises her own needs time and time again for the sake of her relationships. She also tends to be a magnet for people who ‘need saving’ and her relationships often become co-dependent. Sharon craves love and acceptance more than anything and has a tendency to smother her partners and become quite jealous and possessive. She fears losing people and being abandoned, but knows that her neediness actually causes most of her relationship problems.

Meet Carla…

Carla’s first long term relationship was quite traumatic. Since then she has tried to avoid emotional pain at any cost – cutting herself off from her emotions in the process. She so desperately fears being hurt again that she goes out of her way to not become too close to people. She is the master of putting up barriers. Despite being very sensitive, she sometimes comes across as a bit of an ice queen. Underneath it all she wants nothing more than to give and receive love, but is too afraid to take the risks involved, convinced it will end in pain. Carla very much lives in the past, obsessing over her previous relationship and the wounds it left – she feels she will never be able to let go and move forward.

Do either of these stories feel familiar? Was there something you really related to? If so, your heart chakra may be either deficient or excessive.

Your heart chakra, anahata, is the fourth chakra, located at the heart centre and associated with the colour green and element air. It is your centre of forgiveness, divine love, compassion, grace and selflessness. Anahata is the gateway between your lower and upper chakras. It’s your wellspring of love, warmth and joy.

Anahata Balancing Practices


Work on loving and accepting yourself unconditionally

Practice positive self talk and self acceptance

Work on forgiveness

Wear and visualise the colour green including green and pink crystals

Spend time in nature and with animals, surround yourself with plants and the sounds of nature

Spend time with loved ones

Eat dark, green, leafy vegetables

Give/receive a hug everyday

Give genuine compliments

Yoga and Meditation for the Heart Chakra

Choose heart opening poses like…

  • Urhdva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)
  • Bhujanghasana (Cobra Pose)
  • Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Try these poses in our gentle heart opening practice filmed at funky, new studio Yoga Everyday in Stafford, Qld.

Meditation & Mantra …

  • Repeat the bija mantra YAM
  • Listen to the musical note F
  • Visualise the colour green or a beautiful lush green forest
  • Try loving kindness meditation

Aromatherapy and the Sacral Chakra

Use essential oils that help generate feelings of love and compassion such as…

bergamot, lavender, rose otto, rose absolute, ylang ylang

Compassion chakra blend is a heart-opening synergy of rose absolute, ylang ylang, lavender, may chang, neroli, and bergamot pure essential oils designed to evoke feelings of love, softness and compassion. Try diffusing it during a loving kindness meditation, gratitude practice or when spending time with loved ones to help create extra softness and warmth and a loving, caring environment.

Affirmations for Anahata

• I send my love to everyone I know; all hearts are open to receive my love • I love and accept myself for who I am • I am grateful for all the love that is in my life • I am open to love •

A Balanced Heart Chakra

When our Heart Chakra is balanced we feel compassionate, nurturing and unconditionally loving both towards ourselves and others. We live our lives with loving kindness and an open and forgiving heart. Others feel our love and warmth and are at peace around us– feeling totally accepted for who they are.

  • I forgive easily
  • I accept myself
  • I express love and gratitude with ease

If you agree with the above statements, move onto the Throat Chakra…
If you missed the foundations, go back to the
Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakras