The Benefits of Certified Organic

Certified organic beauty – all you need to know kept short & simple!

Here at Perfect Potion, nothing is more important than ensuring we respect the beauty & integrity of the earth while providing you with the purest, most body-loving, natural potionsAO-awards-finalist-OCT15b possible!!! So we are beyond honoured and excited to be listed as a 2015 ACO Manufacturer of the Year finalist!!

Our commitment to quality and our ethos & values begins by sourcing only the finest quality certified organic and natural essential oils, vegetable oils, herbal extracts, floral waters and other plant-based ingredients.

But in a world where the word organic is thrown around so much (and so haphazardly), it’s easy to lose sight of why organic is so important and what it even means. We’ve stripped it right back to basics so it’s easy to see the true value and beauty in organic living. If switching to, or gaining a greater understanding of, organic and natural living appeals to you, read on to find out more…

What does certified organic mean?

To be recognised as certified organic, a product must be grown and processed without the use of nasty synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or GMO’s. For aromatherapy and skincare products, it means no animal testing, a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients, no irradiation, the absence of nano materials and rejection of any synthetic dyes, colouring agents, silicones, petroleum and fragrances. This is infinitely better for you and your health & wellbeing, and is also better for our beautiful environment….

Improving your health

Every time we make a purchase we are given a choice about what we want to put on and into our body, about our health and how we want to feel and about what kind of lifestyle we want to live. The choice is ours and it’s good to be informed about our options.

Scarily, whatever we put on our skin goes directly into our body, essentially becoming a part of us. If we’re slathering on chemical based soaps, lotions, potions and creams over our skin, our body will absorbFacebook-Timeline-SkinElixirBodyOil_2015_03 these toxins as though we had actually ingested them!!  We can actually acquire just as many toxins through skin absorption as ingestion! Clearly then, the personal care products we choose to use play a huge role in our personal health and wellbeing. Most conventional, non-organic beauty products contain a ridiculous amount of petrochemicals, parabens, fragrances and other additives that can irritate our skin and disrupt our hormones. What’s potentially more concerning is the possible long term health effects that are still unknown & untested.

Toothpaste, body washes and scrubs, moisturisers, toners and makeup – when we use conventional beauty products we are potentially exposing ourselves to over 200 different chemicals every day before we even leave the house in the morning!!
Thankfully, we don’t have to expose ourselves to a cocktail of chemicals; there are natural and equally effective products available that can leave us radiant and naturally nourished!
Using certified natural and certified organic products means feeding your skin & body the good stuff!

When a meal is homemade with pure, fresh, whole ingredients instead of artificial flavours and preservatives it has a far superior taste; it tastes real, satisfying and nourishing. Beauty products work like this too – those made with pure ingredients typically have better, more natural results!

Saving the planet one purchase at a time…

Beautiful skin shouldn’t cost the oils small

With close to 30 000 tonnes of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides used each year (OzProspect, 2003) in Australia, conventional agricultural fertilisers are the second highest contributors to greenhouse gases in Australia. These fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals don’t just reach the insects they target (in fact only 0.1% of sprayed pesticides do) (Pimentel, 1995) they also spread out into the environment, polluting our ecosystem, and running off into our precious water supplies.

Organic practices, on the other hand, must be water efficient without chemical use and with a focus on biodiversity protection, land regeneration and conservation of flora and fauna. So when you buy organic – whether it be food, clothing or beauty products, you are minimising your environmental impact and actively supporting and working towards a cleaner, greener and environmentally friendly world!

COSMOS certification involves the consideration of your skincare’s packaging materials and their impact (or lack thereof) to the environment.

How do I know if it’s really organic?

If you want to show your body and the planet some love, organic is the ACO logo CMYKway to go, but with all the green washing around today choosing truly natural and organic products is getting harder and harder.

To be sure you’re purchasing genuine organic products, simply look to see if your product is certified with an authentic certification body and the label carries their certification logo.

We have an unwavering commitment to caring for the environment and ACO logo CMYKdelivering the safest, most genuine and beautiful potions possible, which is why we are proud to work and be accredited with two transparent and recognised certification bodies – ACO and COSMOS. Both these associations have had a strong and positive impact in providing consumers with a sense of security when shopping for natural skin care.

ACO is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Australian Organic Ltd. It has rigorous audits and strict regulations that comply with some of the highest leading standards worldwide.

Founded in 2010 by leading European standards organisations, COSMOS was initiated as a harmonised and internationally recognised organic standard and is paving the way for consumers to purchase certified organic & natural products around the world. When shopping for truly organic and natural products be sure to look for ACO or COSMOS logos!

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 The case for organic products & ingredients is strong!
Living organically is a beautiful choice and there are lots of tips online about how to make it affordable. Although organic foods and products can be more expensive than their non organic counterparts, it’s important to consider the advantages of choosing organic and the undeniable environmental and health costs when we don’t. Do you have any tips for organic living? Let us know!