The Art of Blending: A recipe

A Recipe By Rita Balshaw, Inspired by Sal’s Blending Masterclass

If you where one of the many keen aromatherapy enthusiasts that attended Sal’s recent Sydney “Art of Blending” Masterclass, then I am sure you will agree in saying, we truly had a wonderful day. The Masterclass explored all things essential oils, traditional perfumery and therapeutic blending techniques.

It was so amazing to learn about the healing properties of plant botanicals, and then have the attendees go forth to create a powerful synergy of essential oils that would then become a scent that is energetically signature to them.

The intimacy of the blending workshop could not be denied, there was a certain vibe in the air that was probably a result of people embracing their creativity and relishing in the inspiration of the day.

Here follows my perfume recipe that I would like to share. It captures the sweetness and warmth that I feel about my life. The combination of sweet and spicy essential oils evokes feelings of complete contentment allowing me to blissfully surrender to the sweet flow of existence. Feel free to adjust this perfume blend as you please, using our essential oils.

Making your own natural perfume is intimate and personal. It can be quite the journey from inspiration to creation.

10mL roll on perfume bottle

10mL jojoba oil

3 drops lemon essential oil 

3 drops sandalwood essential oil

2 drops jasmine essential oil 

1 drop cardamon essential oil

Add the jojoba oil to the perfume bottle, followed by all the essential oils. Ensure the lid is firmly secure. Roll across the upper chest, wrists and back of the neck as often as desired. This perfume will keep for up to three years. This perfume recipe follows Sal’s teaching method on how to create a jojoba oil based roll on pulse point perfume.

It is important not to exceed 10 drops of essential oils per 10mL of jojoba oil.

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