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Self-Care Quiz

Are you looking after yourself as well as you could be?

As wonderful as it would be if it did, self-care doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes intention and consistency. Sometimes we don’t even realise how much self-care is missing from our lives until we stop and take stock, or become completely run down and exhausted.

Take the quiz below to give yourself a clearer picture of how well (or not) you’re looking after and loving yourself!

Self-Care Quiz

1. I take time for myself every day even if it’s only 15 minutes Yes No
2. I usually know what I need in life and take actions so that I have it Yes No
3. I let myself take breaks when I need them Yes No
4. I make time for the things/hobbies I am passionate about Yes No
5. I enjoy the work I do Yes No
6. When people compliment me, I accept graciously Yes No
7. I set goals and take actions to move toward achieving them Yes No
8. I drink adequate amounts of water each day Yes No
9. I get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night Yes No
10.I exercise for at least 3-4 times a week Yes No
11. I partake in exercise that makes me feel good Yes No
12. I consume at least 5 serves of fruit and veg a day Yes No
13. I get fresh air and time in nature each day Yes No
14. I get together with friends at least once a month Yes No
15. I have friends that are nourishing, supportive and reliable Yes No
16. I have a relaxing evening routine and nourishing morning routine Yes No
17. I laugh daily Yes No
18. I do something I love every day Yes No
19. I include a regular practice in my life that nourishes me spiritually Yes No
20. When I feel exhausted or unwell I give myself time out and allow myself to do less Yes No

What’s your self-care score?

If you answered mostly no…

How can you prioritise yourself a little more? You deserve to be taken care of, plus it’s very hard to give from an empty vessel. Giving to yourself helps you feel more vibrant, fulfilled and energetic – it helps you be the best version of yourself. Check out our ‘Become a Self-Care Master’ for tips on how to make tiny changes to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing daily.

If you answered mostly yes…

Nice work! You are already are (or are on the way to) taking excellent care of yourself! Can you delve even further into self-care, make it consistent and set in stone? You already know how good it feels to take care of yourself, imagine how amazing you would feel if you became even more of ‘A Self-Care Master? There are always ways we can be kinder and more loving toward ourselves!

*Also take note of whether you are struggling or doing well in a particular section. If you answered mostly no in the body section of the quiz, for instance, focus on enhancing that area of your life. Pick one thing, like drinking more water, that you can commit to. Once that becomes part of your routine, try something else, like increasing exercise or getting more sleep. Revisit the quiz every so often to see how things are changing for you!

Simply taking this quiz was an act of self-care in itself! Once we’re aware we can take actions to change.

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