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The Star Ingredients Behind our Nourish Range

Cherish your skin, nourish your soul.

Make the act of moisturising about more than just preventing winter skin woes– let it become a sacred time for Nourishing body, mind and soul.


Why Nourish Range should be part of your moisturising routine…

Nourish Double Cream, Hand Cream and Lip Balm are some of our richest, most luxurious skin lovers. Nourish is designed to help with all your winter skin woes – cracked lips, dry hands, parched skin. The range also features a beautiful array of uplifting essential oils to turn your top-to-toe moisturising routine into a sacred ritual of love, mindfulness and nourishment.

The star ingredients and how they benefit you…

Apricot Kernel Oil: Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are valued for their ability to soften, smooth and revitalise. This skin softener also boasts high levels of vitamin E to enhance your skin’s elasticity, clarity and suppleness.

Nabali Olive Oil: Olive oil has been adored for generations as a deeply healing moisturiser with powerful regenerative abilities. If your skin gets dry and scaly in winter, turn to nabali olive oil for incredible smoothness and softness.

Avocado Oil: Avocado oil is an absolute winter skin saviour! It’s thick enough to provide your skin with a protective barrier, but its nutrients still penetrate your skin’s deepest layers. It contains powerful levels of antioxidants, in particular vitamins E and C, which neutralise free radicals and gift glowing radiance.  Avocado oil also contains sterolins – a natural steroid said to soften and hydrate the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth to the touch.

Shea Butter: Extracted from the nut of the mystical African shea tree, luscious and dreamily indulgent shea butter is an unparalleled moisture-boosting miracle! It leaves skin supple, soft and protected against dryness and the elements. Shea butter also possesses potent antioxidant compounds to help fight free radical damage, slow the signs of aging and improve the overall radiance of your skin.

Rosehip Oil: This healing oil is like a supercharged, antioxidant-packed, multivitamin for your skin! Rosehip oil is overflowing with replenishing essential fatty acids to soften, hydrate, regenerate and improve the condition of dry and damaged skin.

Sage Essential Oil: Sage essential oil is reputed to be highly regenerative in skin care. It’s known for its wealth of stimulating, softening and healing properties.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Regenerative and healing, frankincense essential oil is a deeply spiritual and sacred oil that is also said to improve skin tone and help heal wounds.

Petitgrain Essential Oil: The sweet floral scent of petitgrain revitalises the spirit, it’s reminiscent of orange blossoms and is known to have a beautifully balancing effect on one’s mood.

Sweet Orange: Certified organic sweet orange essential oil opens the heart to a bubbling spring of pure joy, light heartedness and radiating warmth. It’s suitable for delicate skin and its cheery scent brings delight and a hint of deliciousness.




D.I.Y Calamine Lotion

By Rita Balshaw, author of Hippies in the City

Some store bought calamine lotion brands contain nasty ingredients, including synthetic fragrances and parabens. I speak to many health conscious mothers across our Perfect Potion stores. A popular subject of interest is how to treat common aliments for children, these include natural remedies for skin conditions, heat rashes, chicken pox, burns and bites. The following natural “Calamine Lotion” recipe is an easy to make homemade, natural remedy that works a treat to alleviate itching, redness and inflammation.


2 tbs pink clay

2 tbs bicarb soda

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops tea tree essential oil

1 tbs 50ml rose water


Use a teaspoon to mix all the ingredients in a small dish, slowly add in the rose water until a smooth paste consistency is achieved. Transfer the paste to a clean jar and refrigerate to keep for 3 to 5 days. Apply this soothing lotion to the affected areas and allow to dry before rinsing in a warm bath using Top To Toe Wash. Applying an additional healing ointment like the Protect and Repair Balm is an absolute godsend to help to further soothe and heal skin irritation.

3 Steps to Repairing Skin Dryness & Damage

Is your skin is thirsting for love and repair? You’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s good news!

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Plastics in Skincare

Where they end up & how we can change it…

Facial scrubs and exfoliants, body washes and lotions – did you know that many of these bathroom cabinet basics have more plastic inside them than the actual packaging they come in?  Scary huh?

It’s important to remember that although plastic debris like bags and bottles are a definite threat to our beautiful marine life, we can’t forget the lesser known & less visible dangers of plastic microfiber pollution.

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Winter Wellness pt 2: Serums & Facial Oils

Two ways to keep your skin nourished, protected & silky smooth this winter…

Want to maintain soft, velvety skin and a radiant glow all through the cold season? Try investing in an extra insurance policy against the elements with the beautifying & protective power of serums and facial oils. Your winter-skin survival kit would be incomplete without them!

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Winter Wellness pt 1: The Beauty of Masks & Exfoliants

Keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowy on even the harshest winter days!

Winter has arrived and it is the perfect time to slow down, turn within and focus on total self-nourishment!

winter skin care

Each season is different and the secret to maintaining vibrant health & wellness all year round lies in our ability to be flexible and willing to change – just like the seasons. 

To help, we have created this Winter Wellness series to help you sync your self-care program with mother nature. Include these tips in your holistic winter routine and allow yourself to glow from the inside out!!

The evidence of winter can be seen in frost-bitten lawns and withering gardens, but it can also show up on our skin! Dry, tight, red, flaky – there’s no denying our complexion can be affected by the cold air, artificial heating and lack of humidity that often accompany winter.

For our first Winter Wellness instalment, we’re giving you two glow-inducing tips to help you say goodbye to dry and hello to soft, hydrated and beautifully dewy skin!

Tip 1… Hello, Hydration!!

When temperatures start to drop the amount of moisture in the air also declines and this low humidity draws the moisture from the outermost layer of our skin – the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum requires hydration to stay supple and function effectively as a barrier. When moisture escapes this layer it leaves skin dry, dull, vulnerable to environmental pollution and thirsting for a little extra nourishment and hydration.

Enter the need for moisture therapy in the form of hydrating masks!! Masks re-hydrate dry skin cells, replace lost moisture and infuse the epidermis with nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help heal, replenish and reinforce the skin. They can deliver wonderful results for all kinds of skin complaints, however, during winter it is best to use masks that work to boost skin hydration and restore glowing softness.

When choosing the perfect mask…

Look for nourishing, soothing and hydrating ingredients such as:

Rose water – For dry skin. Rose water is a treasure trove of skin-beautifying qualities that help ensure a healthy, hydrated glow! Not only is it incredibly softening and soothing, but when combined with other ingredients it serves as a hydrating agent that helps keep skin moisture-rich.

Marshmallow Extract – For sensitive skin. When most of us think of marshmallows, we think of the sweet gooey treats that we roast in winter & pair with a hot cacao! Did you know the natural form of marshmallow root is also a wonderful winter treat for your skin? Marshmallow root is a demulcent (derived from the Latin: demulcere “caress”) which is an agent that supposedly forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation of the membrane. Demulcentsare sometimes referred to as mucoprotective agents.

Replenish Mask Poster version 2 jpg

 Rosehip Oil – For all skin types. Rosehip oil is a supercharged multivitamin for your skin! It is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that help to soften, regenerate and improve the texture of dry and damaged skin.

Avocado Oil – For dry and mature skin. This rich, nourishing and deeply moisturising oil is a time-tested skin soother! It provides a thick protective barrier for the skin but has a consistency that is thin enough to allow for total absorption. This means it works to soften and soothe the complexion but also penetrates the uppermost layers to deliver vital nutrients and essential fatty acids below the skin’s surface!

Aloe Vera – For damaged skin. Aloe vera is known for its cooling, soothing and healing capacities. It is a lightweight non-comedogenic emollient that helps lock in moisture to prevent dehydration without clogging pores! It is also a natural humectant that draws moisture from the environment into the skin to boost hydration and ensure radiant softness!

We recommend…


Our thirst-quenching Pure Plant Hydration Mask. Specially designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin, the beautifying extracts of rosewater, aloe vera and marshmallow root deliver intensive hydration while pure essential oils of neroli, sandalwood and lavender work to soothe and calm the skin.

Another super restorative option is our Replenish Face Mask. This rich, creamy mask replenishes moisture levels while softening and nourishing your skin with rosehip, avocado, jojoba and calendula oils. It is super decadent and will leave your skin totally protected, soft and dewy!


Using your face mask…
For ultimate hydration, apply your mask to freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin. Allow it to set for up to 20 minutes while you relax before removing with a damp cleansing sponge or cloth.

Tip 2… E is for Exfoliation!!!

Moisture and hydration are essential, but it’s important to keep in mind that dry skin typically means a build-up of dead, dry cells on the skin’s surface. To really make the most out of your masks and moisturisers – treat your skin to a weekly exfoliation ritual to dissolve dead skin cells. This will allow for optimum absorption, retention and effectiveness of any products you apply!

According to Annet King from the International Dermal Institute, exfoliation will also cause a burst of cell renewal that helps new, moisture-rich cells move to the surface of your skin giving you a fresh, healthy glow!

Uncover a smoother and more radiant skin surface with these ingredients…

 Kaolin – For most skin types. Kaolin, or white clay, is the most gentle of the clays. It works to absorb and draw out impurities from the pores and exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its much-needed moisture.

 Rice or sugar granules – For most skin types. These gentle, skin-loving exfoliants scuff away dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter, more porcelain-like complexion!

Papaya – Not for sensitive skin. The secret to papaya’s beautifying properties lies in the enzyme papain which acts as a highly effective natural exfoliant, breaking down proteins and dissolving dead cells to unearth vibrant, younger-looking skin!

We recommend…

Papaya Enzyme Mask, Exfoliation, Dry Skin, Winter Skin

Papaya Enzyme Mask – This cocktail of natural extracts will uncover fresh, vibrant skin by dissolving dead surface skin cells and absorbing impurities from the pores.

The combination of fine rice granules, elderflowers and chamomile in our Bare Faced Exfoliant will remove dead skin cells to reveal a soft, smooth complexion while sandalwood essential oil calms and soothes the skin and senses.


Using your exfoliant…
After cleansing, mix one to two level teaspoons of either Papaya Enzyme Mask or Bare Faced Exfoliant with one to two teaspoons of purified water or floral water. Once mixed, smooth the mask over your cleansed skin, being careful to avoid the eye area. If you’re using the Papaya Enzyme Mask, allow it to work its magic for no more than ten minutes (sip some tea, meditate and enjoy some well-earned me time while you wait!). Before it dries completely – remove with a damp sponge or cloth and rinse with water. If you’re using Bare Faced Exfoliant, leave it to dry for approximately 15 minutes before removing and rinsing well.

Follow with one of our Fine Tuning Solutions and a beautiful facial oil or serum (learn more about them in next week’s blog!).

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13 recipes to customise your masks and exfoliants

Natural foods, raw minerals and pure essential oils work together in a multitude of ways, helping to heal and nutritionally support the health of the skin. A wholesome composition of natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and pure essential oils give your skin all it requires for a healthy, flawless glow.

Perfect Potion’s just add water masks and exfoliants make the perfect to base to create your very own interesting and therapeutic skin care concoctions.

The Fresh Faced Mask and Bare Faced Exfoliant were mindfully created to express an exceptional product range that is as close to its unaltered, natural state as possible. Using an array of incredibly beautifying ingredients; purifying clays, healing herbs and pure essential oils, these two bestselling beauties always reveal fresh, soft and smooth skin by:

  • cleansing the skin
  • absorbing excess oil
  • removing dead skin cells
  • eliminating blackheads
  • healing damaged skin
  • stimulating cell regeneration
  • moisturising, hydrating
  • soothing skin
  • improving skin tone

We have asked our team to share their favourite recipes for enhancing the mask and exfoliant with pure, fresh ingredients and other healing ingredients. We would love to hear how you customise your favourite products to suit your skin’s needs as well!

13 way to customise your products

For all of these recipes, add just enough of each ingredient to create a smooth paste. Apply to your face and neck, avoiding the eyes and mouth, and allow to set for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and follow with your normal moisturising routine. We recommend creating a weekly ritual for glowing results!

Softening facial exfoliant

A deliciously creamy synergy of soothing and calming ingredients that come together to deliver a skin softening, luxurious and nourishing exfoliant. Your face will be smooth and sublimely radiant.

Nourishing mask for depleted skin

Heal, rejuvenate and repair your skin with this beautiful combination of perfect potions. When used together these products will nourish and restore depleted skin, leaving your face feeling healthy, supple and glowing.

Healing exfoliant for dry or damaged skin

This creamy and super rich exfoliating treatment uses the finest essential oils and mineral-rich plant extracts to nourish and heal dry and damaged skin. A recommended facial treatment application to strengthen and restore depleted and fatigued skin.

Exfoliant for dry, sensitive skin

This dynamic skin healing, anti-inflammatory and tonifying combination of bestsellers is nothing short of a miracle. It will alleviate most dry and sensitive skin types.

Fortifying, vitamin rich exfoliant

Enriched with nature’s finest vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, we have a deluxe exfoliating treatment that is fortified with an abundance of cell feeding, skin softening and biologically repairing ingredients. A good treatment for those wishing to even out skin tone and effectively repair dehydrated and damaged skin.

Breakout-prone skin mask

This mask is wonderful for treating and rebalancing oily, congested and breakout-prone skin. Infused with powerful antifungal, antibacterial ingredients, this treatment will leave your face looking and feeling renewed and sparkly clean.

Just add fresh fruit

Adding fruit to your exfoliants and masks will add nutrients and antioxidants to your treatment ritual. Treat overactive sebaceous glands by adding mashed strawberries in your exfoliant for their soothing and toning properties. For added exfoliation, add mashed paw paw to your face mask to help remove dead skin cells!

Just add floral water

Fresh Faced Mask and Bare Faced Exfoliant both mix beautifully with floral waters – replace water with your favourite floral water for added nourishment and luxury.

Mineral-rich antioxidant face mask

A high antioxidant and mineral rich facial mask, perfect for treating inflamed acne, rosacea and deeply congested skin. The healing combination of gotu kola, green clay and pure green tea extract work together to heal and soothe the most problematic skin disorders.

Yoghurt ginger face mask

This gently stimulating, nutritionally abundant mask, is fortified with natural yoghurt for additional protein and skin restorative healthy bacteria, along with ginger powder to effectively stimulate and detoxify. A wonderful mask if you wish to achieve a dewy, fresh-faced look!

Green clay detoxifying bath

Generously apply Fresh Faced Mask to your face, shoulders, and chest. Run a bath while you allow your mask to set for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash off the mask in the bath water. Green clay is wonderfully detoxifying and soothing while gotu kola cleanses the blood. Echinacea adds moisture and hydration and is anti-inflammatory to soothe inflamed, red skin.

Luscious face and lips treatment

Mix Bare Faced Exfoliant with Replenish Fine Tuning Solution and Replenish Cleansing Milk. Gently massage this into your face, neck, décolletage and gently massage onto your lips. Wash / exfoliate off with tepid water. Your skin will be left feeling soft and clean, looking plump, radiant, and soothed.

Silky lavender hands exfoliating treatment

Mix Bare Faced Exfoliant with Calendula Infused Hand Cream and a dash of Lavender Water. Massage this nourishing mixture into your hands. Rinse off, leaving your hands will feeling soothed and clean. You will notice they look hydrated and even-toned. Finish with a little more hand cream.

Foot and leg treatment ritual

Mix together Bare Faced Exfoliant, Soothe Double Cream and Neroli Water. Massage your feet and legs with this luxuriously creamy exfoliating creation. Rinse and follow with a relaxing soak in Sweet Dreams Bath Soak  and finish with a foot massage with the Sweet Dreams Balm and allow yourself to drift off into a relaxing sleep.