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Our Secret Wellness Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Our Secret Wellness Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season has arrived. Elevate your wellness – side-step the struggles of an aching body and incessant sniffles this year and start feeling blissful instead!

Aromatherapy tips to help you stay balanced and blissful…

Feeling stuffy and congested?

Breathe Easy Blend is a powerhouse purifier. It features a decongesting blend of pine and eucalyptus to help you replace congestion with clarity. You’ll also find lemon essential oil included in the mix. Lemon is included as a high vibrational oil that helps lift your spirits when you’re feeling fatigued.Studies have also shown it to be effective in killing airborne microbes and to possess strong antiviral and immune-stimulating properties to help you fight off infectious conditions.2,3 Thyme essential oil is featured for its offering of ‘broad-spectrum healing qualities’ and strong antimicrobial activity which is often used for the treatment of infections like bronchitis.4

How to Use Breathe Easy Blend

Let Breathe Easy Blend work its decongesting magic. Add 5-10 drops to a bowl of hot water. Position your face above the water and cover with a towel.Take a deep breath in and enjoy the benefits of direct inhalation. Keep some tissues nearby! Another great option? Diffuse Breathe Easy in your home or office to help cleanse and purify the air you breathe.

Give yourself an Extra Breathe Easy Boost

“My little girl finally slept through after days of coughing – I’m using the oil and the balm. Just love your products. ‘ – Dusty!

Breathe Easy Balm utilises the powerhouse purifiers in Breathe Easy Blend in the form of a smooth, textured balm. Made from entirely natural and organic ingredients, it helps provide natural relief when you’re feeling chesty. Feeling a little under the weather? Support yourself naturally, apply Breathe Easy Balm to your chest, throat and back and under your nose. We also suggest applying it to the soles of your feet and popping on some socks. Why? Your feet are highly absorbent and will allow the essential oils to be absorbed into your system quickly and deeply.

Sip to Soothe

‘Great if you’ve got a cold, sore throat, sniffles…’ – Saffron

Make prevention a priority! While Breathe Easy Balm does all the hard work, put your feet up and sip some warm Breathe Easy Herbal Tea. When cold and flu season hits, we love to stock up on this herbal helper and sip it daily for a natural immunity boost. This fortifying brew of echinacea, elderflower, liqourice root, peppermint, sage and thyme will help build your natural defenses and immunity.

Why Breathe Easy Tea?

The herbs in Breathe Easy Herbal Tea have been especially chosen with their unique healing properties in mind. Echinacea is known for its ability to raise your body’s resistance and to stimulate your immune system. We’ve also included peppermint to help settle upset tummies. Sage is recommended for soothing inflammation of the mucous membranes of your nose and throat.5



Your Breathe Easy Questions Answered!

Are Breathe Easy Blend and Balm safe for children and babies? Yes! Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend is definitely safe to diffuse around little ones. The oils in Breathe Easy are quite powerful, so we suggest diffusing in a large, well-ventilated area and under supervision to ensure they have no complaints and do not come in contact with the diffuser or pure oil blend.

Breathe Easy Balm is an excellent plant-based chest and back rub. For children age 6 months – 1 year, we recommend applying on the back and feet. Children over 1 can use as directed. As with all products, a small patch test is recommended to ensure your child’s skin doesn’t react.

How many cups of Breathe Easy Tea can I have? Drink as needed. Anywhere up to 3 cups is fine.

What is the difference between Breathe Easy Balm and Breathe Easy Blend? Breathe Easy Balm and Breathe Easy Blend utilise the same powerhouse oils, however they differ in the way they can be used to benefit you. Breathe Easy Blend should be used in a diffuser, dropped onto a tissue, or by steam inhalation by adding a few drops to a bowl of steaming water and breathing deeply. Breathe Easy Balm is great to use as a chest, back and feet rub. It’s also excellent dabbed under the nose.



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Tea Tales


Tea Tales: Happy Herbal Tea Hour at Perfect Potion

Each week, we’ll be picking one of our herbal teas as our tea of the week. Visit us in store every Monday to try our tea of the week and follow our blog posts to learn more about the world of tea. 

The art of tea is a soothing ritual that has been used for thousands of years to promote health, wisdom and relaxation.

When we imagine tea rituals, we think of the beautiful traditional tea ceremonies in Japan. The hot water pouring over wonderfully scented leaves, watching them steep and smelling the aroma they create when your tea is finally brewed and ready for you to enjoy.

However, not all ‘teas’ have to be tea. While green and black tea have many health benefits, the beauty of fragrant dried herbs and flowers means that you can settle in with a cup of tea without the caffeine.

Herbal teas are completely caffeine free, though that doesn’t mean they won’t put a spring in your step. Perfect Potion’s herbal teas are made from a variety of dried flowers, herbs, seeds, and other plants that offer you a range of mental and physical health benefits.

Experience the healing beauty of our range of 100% natural herbal teas. Our blends will make you feel relaxed, put a spring in your step, help you to breathe easy, or give you sweet dreams.

Each herbal tea blend has been carefully crafted to ensure that with each cup of brewed herbal tea, you experience the beautiful aromas and feel the benefits.

Starting from July 3rd, each week we will feature one of our herbal teas as part of our Happy Herbal Tea Hour. You can shop online or go in store and try each week’s tea. Our beautiful Green Goddesses in store will happily brew you a cup of our feature tea each Monday.


This week’s tea…

Life Lifting ‘Ruby Boost’

This blend of gingko biloba, ginseng, hibiscus flowers, lemon verbena and rosemary will be sure to put a spring in your step and give you the blissful energise you need.

Ruby Boost is a blend of herbs and flowers that are uplifting and awakening. When brewed, this fragrant tea becomes a dark shade of pink. The hibiscus flowers naturally colour the tea while sweetening it ever so slightly. The result is a fragrant brew with zesty aromas of lemon verbena and tingling scents of rosemary.

You can enjoy this tea hot or cold. On hot days, cold brew this tea in the fridge overnight for a naturally sweet, refreshing pink ice tea. Serve on ice with raspberries and slices of lemon. On cold days, brew a cup (or teapot) of Ruby Boost for a guilt-free sweet treat.

Enjoy the tang of Ruby Boost and get yourself grooving and boosting!

6 Breathe Easy Winter Health Steps!

Help ward off wintertime woes with these 6 simple steps!

Colds and flus can spread like wildfire, especially at this time of year! This winter we’ve shared some great Winter Wellness blog articles with helpful tips like how to protect dry, itchy skin and which foods will help boost your immunity. Creating a clean, healthy environment is also key when it comes to staying well in winter. This month’s Breathe Easy kit will provide you with six simple ways to help keep colds and flus at bay!

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Find your favourite herbal tea

Herbal teas

With so many amazingly effective herbal teas to choose from, it might be overwhelming to decide where to begin. To help you out, we have put together this guide based on each blend’s unique benefits.

Herbs to Beat Cold and Flu

Breathe Easy Herbal Tea

This fortifying brew will help build your defenses, soothe that sore throat and calm upset tummies. Experience the fresh, clear taste of sage and peppermint with a touch of sweetness. Drink this tea hot for best results.

Elderflowers – a warming herb
Sage – a known antiseptic
Peppermint – diaphoretic, antiseptic
Thyme – may have anti-microbial and expectorant properties
Echinacea – known to stimulate the immune system
Liquorice – may help to expectorate and soothes upset tummies

Herbs to Calm and Relax

Relax Herbal Tea

A great tea to settle your nerves if you’re feeling highly strung. It calms and soothes so that you can move on with your day. Beneficial day or night. Experience the subtle, fresh taste of lavender. Drink this tea hot for best results

Lavender flowers – relaxing, used to calm headaches and stress
Chamomile flowers – a known mild sedative
Hop flowers – gently calming

Sweet Dreams Herbal Teas

Wind down and comfort yourself with this blend of organically grown chamomile flowers, passion flowers, hop flowers and catnip tops. Experience the gentle fresh taste of chamomile. Drink this tea hot for best results.

Chamomile flowers – a known mild sedative
Hop flowers – gently calming
Catnip – a known mild sedative
Passionflowers – a gentle sedative

Chill Out Herbal Tea

This tea is like taking a deep breath. It tastes delicious and it calms your nerves while allowing you to achieve what you need to. Experience a sweet, fresh spearmint taste. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Spearmint – calming and refreshing
Lemon balm – helps relieve tension and stress
Linden flowers – a known mild sedative
Skull cap – may help you handle stress and relieve anxiety
Stevia – natural sweetener

Herbs to Invigorate and Refresh

Ruby Boost Herbal Tea

This beautiful tonic fortifies and strengthens while improving mental clarity. Put a spring in your step with this refreshing blend. Experience a tangy, berry taste. Enjoy this tea hot or cold.

Lemon verbena – refreshing
Hibiscus – imparts red colour and zingy flavour
Gingko biloba – known to improve cerebral circulation
Siberian ginseng – nerve tonic
Rosemary – a mild stimulant

Thai Fusion Herbal Tea

This tea is fresh and reviving with the extra bite of ginger. Transport your mind to the lush tropics of Thailand with this zesty blend. Experience a sweet lemony taste with a hint of ginger. Drink this tea hot for best results.

Lemongrass – refreshing
Ginger – digestive aid
Stevia – natural sweetener

Herbs for Detox and Digestion

Detox Herbal Tea

Whether you’ve overindulged or are feeling stodgy, it’s time to clear your system of build up. Cleanse and renew for a fresh start. Experience a pleasant, subtle, earthy, herbal taste. Enjoy this tea hot or cold.

Calendula – a digestive aid
Red clover – healing and purifying
Burdock – purifying and cleansing
Dandelion leaf – digestive
Dandelion root – detoxifying and purifying
Fennel – calming and cooling on the digestive system
Nettle – a strong antioxidant

Bon Appetit Herbal Tea

Very good for your digestion – it settles and soothes your tummy. This refreshing tea makes an energising drink after a meal. Experience a mild peppermint taste and a hint of fennel with fresh a sweet aftertaste. Enjoy this tea hot for best results.

Peppermint – digestive helps to suppress nausea
Liquorice – soothes digestive tract
Fennel – calming and cooling on the digestive system

Herbs for Balance

Chakra Balancing Herbal Tea

Rebalance and harmonise your chakra energy centres with this unique blend of 18 organically grown and wild harvested herbs, seeds, roots and flowers.

Base chakra – dandelion root, hibiscus flowers, cinnamon barkSacral chakra – calendula flowers, fennel seed
Solar plexus chakra – marshmallow root, ginger root, turmeric root
Heart chakra – hawthorn berries, rose petals
Throat chakra – red clover flowers, sage leaf, peppermint leaf
Third eye chakra – eyebright, rosemary leaf
Crown chakra – lavender flowers, gotu kola leaf, tulsi basil leaf