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Soothing Sensitive Skin

Treating sensitive skin begins with identifying what is causing the problem. Take a look at your routines and rituals and assess when and why you may be experiencing sensitivities. Pay attention to the details, because it really could be any number of things such as allergens, food choices, household cleaning products, solvents, sunburn, wind, plants or animals you may have touched, your skin care products, hormonal changes, big weekends (yes! this can cause skin problems), stress, fabrics or even your jewellery!

Once you have a grasp on what could be causing your irritation, start by avoiding or eliminating the irritant. When it comes to caring for your skin you will want to prevent any aggravation by avoiding facial scrubbing, using skin care products containing alcohol as well as products containing perfume or fragrance.

Use the most gentle of cleansers such as a gel, or a milk if your skin is also dry. Rose and neroli floral waters will cool, soothe and hydrate, while facial oils containing soothing essential oils will treat redness and irritation. Hydrating and cooling masks with aloe vera will help calm your skin and improve moisture levels. Keeping your skin moisturised with a specially formulated moisture cream containing soothing essential oils, shea butter and calendula infused oil and protecting it from the sun will go along way in treating sensitivities.

Essential oils for sensitive skin

When purchasing products for your skin, look for pure, plant-based products that do not contain synthetic chemical additives, alcohol or perfume/fragrance. The pure essential oils listed below are gentle, soothing and calming and when used properly can go a long way in soothing sensitive skin

  • chamomile helps reduce redness and irritation
  • lavender cooling and calming, helps reduce itchiness
  • neroli often recommended to reduce redness and irritation and to help with broken capillaries
  • rose great to soften dry and sensitive skin. May reduce redness and irritation

Vegetable and infused oils for sensitive skin

If you are looking to treat sensitive skin with a facial oil, it is recommended to use light, skin softening oils. Options include

Products for sensitive skin

Perfect Potion’s Soothe range of products is a great choice for skin sensitivities of all kinds. Find the right product for your skin troubles.

  • Soothe Cleansing Gel this foaming cleanser is gentle enough to remove impurities without causing irritation. It has been formulated with aloe vera, chamomile and lime blossom extracts to leave your skin feeling soft and calm.
  • Soothe Fine Tuning Solution Pure essential oils of lavender, neroli, and chamomile soothe and calm your skin while neroli water and rosewater cool and hydrate your skin. Great to spray over your skin after cleansing or throughout the day.
  • Soothe Oil The perfect solution to dry, red, itchy skin. This comforting oil of chamomile, lavender, and neroli in apricot kernel and calendula oils can be used alone or under your moisturiser for a deeply soothing treatment.
  • Soothe Cream – A lightweight cream specially formulated to restore calm to sensitive skin. Made with pure essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and neroli it leaves your skin feeling soft, calm and hydrated.
  • Soothe Double Cream This rich double cream is one of our most popular products for people with extremely dry, sensitive skin. Formulated with shea butter and apricot kernel oil it softens and protects the skin while essential oils of chamomile, neroli and lavender and infused oil of calendula calm and sooth. Great for treating extremely dry, itchy, red skin.
  • Pure Plant Hydration Mask Moisture therapy for your skin this gel mask contains rosewater, aloe vera, and marshmallow extracts cool and hydrate your skin along with essential oils of neroli, sandalwood and lavender soothe and calm your skin