Super Skincare Ingredients – Marshmallow

Read on to find out why marshmallow is gaining some serious credit in the world of beauty.

When you hear the word marshmallow, you most likely think of those fluffy, sugar-filled treats that go oh-so-well with a decadent cup of hot coco. But it’s not the sugar-laden confection that’s taking the beauty industry by storm, but natural marshmallow root extract (which marshmallows actually used to contain).

The marshmallow plant, and the extracts taken from it, are filled with healing properties and beauty benefits even sweeter than its sugary namesake!

In ancient times, this extract was harnessed by the Greeks and applied to the skin to treat wounds. Very fittingly, the herb’s Greek name, Althea, means “to heal”.  We find out why it deserves this title below…

Why we love marshmallow root extract…

Marshmallow is incredibly soothing to the skin, and as such, has long been used topically to treat everything from burns and swelling, to cuts and scrapes. Its gentle, healing nature makes it ideal for treating skin that is dry or sensitive. Marshmallow is also gifted with the ability to soften skin and, as a polysaccharide, it helps keep your complexion beautifully hydrated.

This wonder-herb is rich in flavonoids, which gives it anti-inflammatory properties, making it an absolute lifesaver for people dealing with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

You can find marshmallow extract in Pure Plant Hydration Mask, where it is blended with aloe, rose water, and a host of other natural botanicals that boost marshmallow’s soothing and healing capacities.