Stress Down and Relax for Lifeline

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Did you know that 91% of Australians say they feel stressed at work? There are so many techniques for reducing stress throughout the day so we thought we would give you our top Stress Down tips to help you manage those stressful days.


Wake up and stretch. Get your muscles moving and warmed up early to feel invigorated the whole day. A good way to do this is a morning yoga session, morning jog, or just some quick, invigorating stretches in bed.

Prepare a nutritious breakfast and sit down to enjoy it. We often feel stressed because we don’t give ourselves enough time to eat well and enjoy it. Wake up a few minutes early or prepare your breakfast the night before so you won’t be running out the door without breaking your fast.

Diffuse an uplifting essential oil – for mornings we recommend Happy and Calm, Thai Fusion or Zest Essential Oil Blends to wake up and energise you.


Eat your lunch away from your desk. All too often we get stuck half-eating, half-working. Doing this means you are not allowing yourself to step away from your stress, most likely creating more stress!

Take a moment and slow down – go for a short walk outside, make yourself a cup of tea or simply pause and look out the window. Sunshine and fresh air will help you feel refreshed and will allow you to shake off the busyness of the morning.

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Short breaks of any kind will help reduce stress, so allow yourself a minute or two to look at those cute kitty photos you love so much! Hint: If your boss doesn’t like it, show them this study from researchers in Japan, who claim that looking at photos of cute baby animals increases productivity – check out the article from the Huffington Post.

Aromatherapy can be so helpful in the workplace. If your colleagues don’t mind, set up an aromatherapy diffuser at work and diffuse Focus, Refresh or Great Outdoors blend in the afternoon to help with afternoon slumps and improve concentration.

If a diffuser is not welcome at work, try an aromatic mist – just spray yourself and your surroundings when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or in need of an extra boost – we recommend Cool Mint or Happy and Calm to for an uplifting experience. Our Chakra Balancing Mist will certainly help when you’re feeling out of sorts. If neither of these options work for you – simply put a couple of drops of essential oil into a towel or hanky and breathe in the scent when you’re feeling the need.


Make sure you make time for yourself in the evenings. Take even a quick 5 minutes to recoup and release any stress you may have accumulated during the day. During this quiet time, try to clear your mind and let go of any worry – doing this is beneficial not only for yourself, but for your family as well!

Give yourself some love. Massage your legs, neck and hands with Relax Massage Oil or soak in a warming, comforting bath with Relax Bath Soak or Bath Oil. Using essential oils in your bath water will help calm your mind, release muscle tension and prepare your body for a restful sleep.

Speaking of…Make sure you are getting a good full night’s rest. Accumulated stress often leads to sleeplessness, which will lead to increased stress levels – it is a cycle that, if allowed to continue, can cause anxiety, heart palpitations, irritability and high blood pressure.

If an over-active mind isn’t allowing you to fall asleep, try Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend or Balm. Apply or diffuse these oils a half hour before going to bed. During this time, try to relax – lay in bed with a good book, chill out with your favourite TV show, or meditate in a quiet spot.