Strengthen your resolve with aromatherapy

Make a conscious decision to start your year off with the strongest resolve by opening the door to new opportunities and make that important commitment to stay on the path to continual self-improvement. Use these special blends when your resolve is challenged – just add 5-7 drops into your oil burner or diffuser and enjoy a boost, helping to see you through the transformative commitments you’ve made. Here’s to a happier, more in touch and calmer you!

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I resolve to feel uplifted and energised

Refresh_EOB_10mL‘I want to wake up earlier each day’
‘I want to sit less, and move more’
‘I want to have more energy’

Let your senses come alive with a delicate and revitalising bouquet of lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange essential oils. Add 5 drops to your oil burner or diffuser when feeling weary, sluggish or when you’ve been sitting for too long. Lead a more active lifestyle, gain additional motivation, and replenish dwindling energy levels.

Purpose – To feel more alive, vibrant and energised. 

I resolve to enjoy the Australian outdoors


‘I want to spend more time outdoors’
‘I want to escape the city more often’
‘I want to see more of what’s in my own backyard’

Allow yourself to be transported to the great outdoors from wherever you are with this diverse blend of Australian bush oils including peppermint eucalyptus, tea tree, iron bark, eucalyptus and lemon myrtle. Great Outdoors blend is especially suited to capture the essence of the great Australian bush from within the walls of any home or office.

Purpose – To feel more connected with the outdoors and the natural world.

I resolve to enjoy a happy and calm lifestyle

HappyCalm_EOB_10mL‘I want to focus more on the positive’
‘I want to worry less and take the pressure off’
‘I want be more grateful for the good in my life’

With an array of soothing chamomile, cheerful orange, and relaxing lavender essential oils, Happy and Calm blend will allow you to stop, refocus, and reposition your frame of mind to a more positive perspective. Make a conscious decision to not stress and to recalibrate your outlook. Begin to appreciate the good in everything around you by letting the pressure fall away, allowing yourself to look at the lighter side.

Purpose – To feel calm, content and less stressed.

I resolve to celebrate everyday

Celebration_EOB_10mL‘I want to find the fun in the everyday’
‘I want to enjoy myself more’
‘I want to treat every day as a special event’

Turn the seemingly routine day-to-day into an occasion in its own right and celebrate each win, no matter how big or small.  Accompany your day with a blend of ylang ylang, palmarosa, rose and lemon myrtle essential oils and get back to feeling festive and fun loving, no matter the day, week or month.

Purpose – To feel celebratory, and to turn the routine into an event in it’s own right.

I resolve to relax and revive each day

Relax_EOB_10mL‘I want to embrace yoga and other meditation techniques’
‘I want to spend more time on me’
‘I want to stop more often, and just be’

Let the day dissolve and completely unwind with your own relaxing blend of powerful essential oils including lavender, sweet orange, geranium and ylang ylang. Even as the frenetic pace of the outside world continues, Relax blend will remove you from all that’s going on around you, whisking you away to a state of blissful tranquility and allowing you to take a moment just for you.

PurposeTo feel relaxed, tranquil and at peace.

I resolve to sleep better and wake up well rested

SweetDreams_EOB_10mL‘I want the bedroom to be a device-free zone’
‘I want to develop a consistent sleep cycle routine’
‘I want to train my body to better fall asleep’

A good day starts with the right night, and Sweet Dreams blend will provide the perfect ambiance to create a dreamy paradise, setting the mood for a deep restful slumber. With aromatic chamomile, petitgrain, sage and lavender known for their properties to create a feeling of calm and induce sleep, Sweet Dreams blend allows you make a commitment to a better night’s sleep – and to better days.

Purpose – To create a relaxing environment, to prepare the mind and body for sleep.