Spotlight on avocado oil

If you thought avocados were only good in guacamole, think again!

Vegan chocolate mousses, smoothies, smashed on sourdough – there’s no denying avocados are nourishing & nutritional powerhouses for your insides. But did you know that their external powers of nourishment are equally impressive? So impressive they could potentially dethrone skin superstar coconut oil?

Why we’re team avo…

  • The oil extracted from avocados can feed your skin many of the nutrients it requires for soft, glowing radiance
  • It contains powerful levels of antioxidants, in particular vitamins E and C, which play a key role in neutralsiing the free radicals responsible for a great deal of skin ageing
  • It posseses high skin penetration and rapid absorption rates
  • Avocado oil’s rich levels of essential fatty and oleic acids give it deep hydrating and moisturising powers
  • It contains sterolins – a natural steroid said to soften & hydrate the skin, boost collagen production and treat age spots
  • It also contains a wealth of phytosterols for a natural anti ageing boost. There is evidence to suggest that phytosterols help lessen the signs of ageing by preventing the slowdown of collagen production and by naturally stimulating collagen production
  • Said to also support the healing of extreme dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis


This fruit dressed in vegetable’s clothes provides the most beautifully strengthening and replenishing oil. Although it isn’t ideal for oily skin types, it is perfect for providing moisture, softness & hydration to dry, normal or mature skin and is an absolute winter skin saviour! Avocado oil is amazing because it’s thick enough to provide your skin with a protective barrier, but its nutrients are still easily able to penetrate your skin’s deepest layers.

Avocado oil works best when complemented with oils like rosehip and jojoba or pure essential oils of rose otto and lavender. The hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties of these oils blend perfectly with avocado to enhance its softening, protecting & nourishing qualities!

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