The idea behind the Peace Perfumes

I still remember so vividly the incredible experience Carolyn and I had while travelling in Iran. This was at a time when some politicians had started a war against terrorism and had labelled Iran as part of the axis of evil. We could not understand why people felt so fearful of Iran. Where ever we went, we encountered so many amazing people who opened their homes to us with a big heart.

The idea for the Peace Perfumes came about because we felt so frustrated that many of our friends and family could not believe that we would consider travelling to Iran.

Originally, we were going to name the Peace Perfumes after the names of the cities in Iran such as Shiraz, Esfahan and Persepolis. However, one afternoon Michael Franti gave us the inspiration we needed while listening to his song – Bomb the World.

His words – “You can bomb the world to pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace”, still resonate as strongly today as it did in 2003. If politicians had paid more attention to his lyrics then we may not be facing some of the global challenges that we have today.

The message of the Peace Perfumes is that peace can be achieved if we begin to embrace and learn about all the wonderful and unique cultures around the world.  I believe that scent awakens the divine within us. Transcending all languages, it helps to connect all of humanity.

Celebrate the cultural diversity of humanity with Perfect Potion Peace Perfumes.

Enjoy the newest addition to the Peace Perfume range – An.

– Sal

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