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For the last 35 years I have dedicated my life journey to natural therapies. For quite a long time Australia has been a global leader in promoting complementary therapies. We have the highest standard of education for all natural therapy qualifications in the world. Over 10 million Australians prefer to choose natural therapies as their preferred form of health care.

When I first started, it was not possible to find private health insurance that would provide health care rebates for natural therapies treatments.  However as natural therapies became a way of life for so many Australians, private health insurance providers came on board to support natural therapies treatments.

However a recent report prepared by the Natural Health and Medical Research Council, NHMRC (a government organisation), is now recommending to parliament that all 17 natural therapies – (Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, massage therapy, naturopathy, reflexology, – just to name a few) not be eligible for private health insurance rebate.

The NHMRC ignored positive evidence supporting natural therapies in declaring that natural therapies are not effective. These biased reports and ongoing attacks will see our choices for natural therapies restricted.
It will be a major blow to natural therapies and deny the rights of all Australians to choose the health care that they prefer.

I please urge you to go to the link below and sign the petition to ask for a senate inquiry into bias against complementary medicine and investigate the NMHRC review. To show your support a letter will also go to your local MP on your behalf.  The more politicians we make aware, the better the chance we have of protecting natural therapies.

Sign the petition

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