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Kakehashi – Connection

On a recent visit to Japan, I was deeply moved by a story shared with me by a customer whose sister recently died of cancer. Makiko had the responsibility of sorting out her sister’s possessions after her death. While she was doing this, she found a drawer full of Perfect Potion essential oils and a diary with a list of blending recipes her sister used to help deal with cancer.

At the time, Makiko did not know anything about aromatherapy, and she became very curious. She wanted to know and understand what meaning they had for her sister, so she visited a Perfect Potion shop. The team member she met was the same person who had always taken care of her sister. You can only imagine the emotions in the shop when they discovered this connection!

The last entry in Mihoko’s diary was a blend of mogra, kewda and sandalwood. I could only imagine how spiritually uplifting this smelt, and I immediately decided to recreate the blend on my return to Brisbane. Yes – it was heavenly!

I contacted Makiko and asked if I could create this blend in honour of her sister – not only did Makiko give me her blessing, but she told me so much more about Mihoko.

It was Mihoko’s wish to be a nurse, but the nursing school was reluctant to accept her as she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Mihoko had a vision to be a “kakehashi” – a bridge that connects people – and refused to allow her cancer to stop her.

On the day she was finally accepted into nursing school, she also received notice that the cancer had spread to her lungs. Mihoko attended the nursing school entrance ceremony with her oxygen respirator in tow and was able to go to nursing school for only four days before being admitted to palliative care. Throughout this challenging time, she used her essential oils, which helped her so much.

Mihoko truly is a kakehashi. She has become an inspiration to classmates, who have all made a commitment to complete their education and dedicate their lives to nursing and fulfil Mihoko’s dream.

Twelve months later Makiko has fallen in love with aromatherapy. She also says that aromatherapy has helped her to become much closer to her sister. Mihoko’s story is one of hope and strength. It is a story that gives us all the courage to listen to our hearts and follow our dreams. I hope her message will connect with people and give us all the strength to live every day as if it were our last day.

I express my deepest gratitude to Makiko for allowing me to share this beautiful story. I hope it will give everyone the courage to live their dreams no matter what challenges we face in life. Thank you so much, Mihoko, for being a kakehashi.

– Sal

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