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  • Natural Therapies Petition

    For the last 35 years I have dedicated my life journey to natural therapies. For quite a long time Australia has been a global leader in promoting complementary therapies. We have the highest standard of education for all natural therapy qualifications in the world. Over 10 million Australians prefer to choose natural therapies as their… More

  • Living an Organic Lifestyle

    To celebrate Australian Organic Awareness Month, Sal Battaglia discusses the importance of organic products in aromatherapy and the significance organic means for Perfect Potion products. Living an Organic Lifestyle – by Sal Battaglia Many people turn to organics for their health and wellbeing. Whether it is the food we eat, the products we inhale or… More

  • Aromatherapy And Mindfulness

    My First Mindfulness Experience I would like to share with you a story which, to me, perfectly explains mindfulness. Since coming to Japan I have become friends with a monk from one of the temples in Kyoto. Matsuyama-san always makes some time to speak with me. I love talking to him about life matters. One… More

  • connection blend

    A time to connect

    Kakehashi – Connection On a recent visit to Japan, I was deeply moved by a story shared with me by a customer whose sister recently died of cancer. Makiko had the responsibility of sorting out her sister’s possessions after her death. While she was doing this, she found a drawer full of Perfect Potion essential… More

  • Ingestion and “Therapeutic Grade” Essential Oils

    In my 28-year career in aromatherapy I have seen so many multi-level marketing companies jump on the aromatherapy bandwagon.

  • The idea behind the Peace Perfumes

    I still remember so vividly the incredible experience Carolyn and I had while travelling in Iran.

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