These natural aromatherapy perfumes represent a desire to return to nature, for authenticity and a more holistic way of living. They reflect a need for creativity, aesthetic appreciation and the expression of our most sublime feelings.

Welcome to Perfect Potion’s pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs. They are the quintessence and embodiment of nature; awakening your imagination; enhancing your wellbeing; allowing you to express your personality; and arousing your emotions, feelings and passion.

Elixir of the forest

The soul of Elixir of the forest is Siberian fir and black spruce essential oils. Together they create the lush, green, conifer scent of the forest. The revitalising scents of cold-pressed lime, rosemary and sage enhance and enliven the green conifer notes. Geranium and lavender add harmony while Atlas cedarwood and vetiver provide the earthy, woody base note necessary to create mystery and intrigue.

Elixir of the heart

Rose is the soul of Elixir of the heart while jasmine absolute provides a rich, floral note to nurture the joyful qualities of rose. The spicy scents of black pepper and ginger provide warmth while bergamot and lavender add harmony and a fresh, uplifting aroma. Patchouli and sandalwood impart a delightfully warm, woody base note that further arouses compassion and love.

Elixir of the earth

The soul of Elixir of the earth is vetiver, which has been complemented with a blend of amyris, benzoin, Buddha wood and carrot seed. Santalum spicatum and patchouli provide the perfect base, while Galbanum adds a rich, green, woody aroma. Clary sage adds mystery and intrigue, while clove bud and ginger provide warmth and spice. Rose absolute has a subtle sensual quality, which is harmonised by bergamot and sweet orange.

Elixir of passion

The soul of Elixir of passion is the rich, floral scent of jasmine, which has been deepened with the intoxicating
floral aroma of champaca. Clove bud, coriander seed and ginger provide this sumptuous floral bouquet with
warmth, while frankincense adds intrigue and mystery. Sweet orange imparts a playful, fresh quality, while
patchouli and sandalwood afford balance and harmony.

Elixir of wisdom

Sandalwood is the soul of Elixir of wisdom. The secret to this perfume is allowing sandalwood to unveil its heart as soon as possible by combining the delightful woody aroma of three sandalwood essential oils with Buddha wood, Atlas cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli and vetiver. Fragonia, Tasmanian lavender, rose otto and coriander seed provide a hint of freshness while delicately balancing the entire perfume.

Elixir of mystery

The soul of Elixir of mystery is the complex rich, mossy scent of oakmoss absolute. The fresh citrus oils of grapefruit and yuzu provide a burst of excitement, while the refreshing scents of pine and hinoki impart a wonderful contrast playing upon the warm and cool notes of this perfume. The warm spice notes of ginger and cinnamon further add to the allure and mystique of this perfume.

Elixir of vitality

The lively scent of Sicilian lemon evokes a sense of freedom and energy, and is the soul of Elixir of vitality. The delightful fresh scent of bergamot, cold-pressed lime and melissa boost the lively qualities of lemon, while Tasmanian lavender and rosemary provide harmony and warmth. Amyris, Virginian cedarwood and Australian sandalwood add a subtle base without overpowering the fresh citrus aromas.

Elixir of the wild

Clary sage is the soul of Elixir of the wild, providing a unique floral and herbaceous scent to this intoxicating and lively perfume. The sweet, floral, herbaceous aromas of Roman chamomile, geranium, lavender and spike lavender add a vivacious quality while rosemary promotes enthusiasm. Bergamot enhances the vibrant, fresh qualities with Atlas cedarwood providing depth and harmony.

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