Elixir of wisdom

subtle | warm | woody

Sandalwood is the soul of Elixir of wisdom. The secret to this perfume is allowing sandalwood to unveil its heart as soon as possible. This is achieved by combining the delightful woody aroma of three sandalwood essential oils with Buddha wood, Atlas cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli and vetiver. The light fresh citrus aromas of bergamot and lemon do not overpower the delicate woody aromas of the sandalwood essential oils. Fragonia, Tasmanian lavender, rose otto and coriander seed provide a hint of freshness while delicately balancing the entire perfume.

signature essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil embraces our emotions, fostering openness, warmth and understanding. It teaches us to delight in our senses and to appreciate the beauty of life. Sandalwood connects us with our soul and intrinsic wisdom – integrating our body, mind and soul.


The Elixir of wisdom personality is serene and in charge of their emotions. They possess inner calm and are fully aware of their direction in life, even when anticipating the rocky sections ahead. Their inner calm is like that of an old soul.

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