Elixir of vitality

fresh | citrusy | zesty

The lively scent of Sicilian lemon evokes a sense of freedom and energy, and is the soul of Elixir of vitality. The delightful fresh scent of bergamot, cold-pressed lime and melissa boost the lively qualities of lemon, while Tasmanian lavender and rosemary provide harmony and warmth. Amyris, Virginian cedarwood and Australian sandalwood add a subtle base without overpowering the fresh citrus aromas.

signature essential oil

Lemon oil has been referred to as a delightful aromatic spa for the brain. The fresh zesty scent of lemon with its sharp scintillating aroma clears your head and enlivens your senses. Lemon is a joyous and energising essential oil that helps to strengthen our intuition, encouraging us to be fully present and focused.


The Elixir of vitality personality is like a breath of fresh air, positively wonderful to have around, not bothered by the struggles and strains of life and takes everything ever so calmly. They are full of life, unshakable, and have positive energy and confidence.

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