Elixir of the wild

fresh | herbaceous | floral

Clary sage is the soul of Elixir of the wild, providing a unique floral and herbaceous scent to this intoxicating and lively perfume. The sweet, floral, herbaceous aromas of Roman chamomile, geranium, lavender and spike lavender add a vivacious quality while rosemary promotes enthusiasm. Bergamot enhances the vibrant, fresh qualities with Atlas cedarwood providing depth and harmony.

signature essential oil

The exhilarating scent of clary sage brings long-lasting inner optimism and helps to alleviate melancholy. The oil is compared to a colourful clown or comedian who cheers and entertains with a unique dance. Clary sage opens the path to the unknown, unusual, creative and intuitive while rosemary is the young at heart person who has found the elixir of youth.


The Elixir of the wild personality loves a challenge and an adventure, has lots of energy, and is constantly on the go. They can be highly reflective, especially in understanding the mysteries and meaning of life.

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