Elixir of the heart

Floral  |  Rosy

Rose is the soul of Elixir of the heart while jasmine absolute provides a rich, floral note to nurture the joyful qualities of rose. The spicy scents of black pepper and ginger provide warmth while bergamot and lavender add harmony and a fresh, uplifting aroma. Patchouli and sandalwood impart a delightfully warm, woody base note that further arouses compassion and love.

signature essential oil

Rose otto is perfection personified. The scent of rose has been described as the quintessential fragrance of
love, the love that touches our very soul. It has been referred to as the Queen of flowers. It refreshes the soul
and its fragrant scent brings joy to the heart.


The Elixir of the heart personality is outgoing, lively and enthusiastic. They love emotional intensity and enjoy
expressing their feelings. Relating with warmth to many people, they emanate enthusiasm and optimism.

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