Elixir of the forest

green  |  fresh  |  conifer

The soul of Elixir of the forest is Siberian fir and black spruce essential oils. Together they create the lush, green, conifer scent of the forest. The revitalising scents of cold-pressed lime, rosemary and sage enhance and enliven the green conifer notes. Geranium and lavender add harmony while Atlas cedarwood and vetiver provide the earthy, woody base note necessary to create mystery and intrigue.

signature essential oil

Pine trees are the symbol of the uncompromising will to live. They symbolise endurance, strength and the free spirit that refuses to conform or live in servitude. Black spruce essential oil evokes strength and endurance of the soul, helping us to find inner strength when facing challenging situations.


The Elixir of the forest personality is responsible, confident and decisive. They can have incredible amounts of energy with the ability to concentrate and focus. They are often people of very few words.

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