Elixir of passion

warm | rich | floral | diffusive

The soul of Elixir of passion is the rich, floral scent of jasmine, which has been deepened with the intoxicating floral aroma of champaca. Clove bud, coriander seed and ginger provide this sumptuous floral bouquet with warmth, while frankincense adds intrigue and mystery. Sweet orange imparts a playful, fresh quality, while patchouli and sandalwood afford balance and harmony.

signature essential oil

The scent of jasmine penetrates the deepest layers of our soul, opening the doors to our emotions. It casts a magical spell upon all who come upon it. As if touched by a silvery wand, men and women under its influence open up to sensual love. Jasmine helps set the stage for experiencing sensual love, total abandon, trust, and relaxed physical awareness. It envelops people with a mantle of mystery and magic.


The Elixir of passion personality is a passionate seductress, charismatic and bewitching. They tend to be witty, charming and talkative. Jasmine individuals are spontaneous, joyful and playful. They are enthusiastic, high-spirited and have lots of energy.

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