Elixir of mystery

fresh | spicy | earthy-mossy | chypre

The soul of Elixir of mystery is the complex rich, mossy scent of oakmoss absolute. It is a modern twist on the classic chypre style of perfume built on oakmoss, bergamot and lavender. The fresh citrus oils of grapefruit and yuzu provide a burst of excitement, while the refreshing scents of pine and hinoki impart a wonderful contrast playing upon the warm and cool notes of this perfume. The warm spice notes of ginger and cinnamon further add to the allure and mystique of this perfume.

signature essential oil

Oakmoss absolute invites abundance, encouraging us to tap into the richness of the universe. It helps us believe that we deserve to experience the wonders and beauty of life.


Elixir of mystery is based on the limited edition Kyoto essential oil blend which evokes all the feelings and excitement I experience each time I visit Kyoto. Kyoto is a paradox and a mystery – a fusion of modern and traditional Japanese values. The Elixir of mystery personality is mysterious, confident and serene. They are fully in charge of their emotions and direction in life.

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