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  • Study and Aromatherapy: mental clarity with essential oils

    Study and Aromatherapy: The best aromatherapy products to help you study   Our Marketing Assistant gives us her aromatherapy tips and tricks when it comes to studying during this exam season. Dreary late night assignments and early morning exam cramming are an all too common occurrence for those of us currently studying. A thirst for… More

  • connection blend

    A time to connect

    Kakehashi – Connection On a recent visit to Japan, I was deeply moved by a story shared with me by a customer whose sister recently died of cancer. Makiko had the responsibility of sorting out her sister’s possessions after her death. While she was doing this, she found a drawer full of Perfect Potion essential… More

  • The idea behind the Peace Perfumes

    I still remember so vividly the incredible experience Carolyn and I had while travelling in Iran.

  • Perfect Potion Indooroopilly

    Green Interior Awards

    Perfect Potion lives and encourages a holistic approach to social, environmental and personal well being. We appreciate the delicate balance of nature and strive to maintain this harmony by creating natural products, which are presented in surroundings that make use of nature’s elements all the while minimising our environmental impact.

  • Artist Profile – Paola Milani

    My two loves have always been art and natural therapies. About 14 years ago I moved to Brisbane and studied aromatherapy and other natural therapies.

  • Artist profile – Tomoko Ichikawa

    Salvatore and I first made each other’s acquaintances spring six years ago at one of my exhibitions, where he was purchasing some of my pieces. The exhibition was being held at the future site of Perfect Potion’s Kyoto branch.

  • In Memory of Chopper

    Many of our loyal Brisbane customers would have met our dog Chopper over the years. Sadly, Chopper passed away on the 7th of May 2006. It was very sudden and without much warning.

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