Nature Therapy!

Why a good dose of nature may be just what you and your children need…

Dew drop forests that shimmer every shade of green, soft sandy beaches and desert sands that span forever. We are blessed by a breathtakingly beautiful natural world waiting at our doorstep. Yet how many of us (and our children) spend almost all our time indoors ‘zombie-ing’ around in a technology-induced haze? It’s time to get out into the crisp clean air and recharge!

Studies have shown a clear link between childhood experiences in nature and a deeper sense of wonder for nature, a life-long valuing of the environment and a greater understanding of the need to help care for it.  It makes sense because when we love something we are much more inclined to want to take care of it! Studies also point to links between time spent in nature and greater physical health, enhanced creativity and increased concentration. Good old nature has a lot going for it!

So many of us have fond childhood memories of fruit picking and tyre swinging; of backyard cricket games, camping and trips to the local beach. Why not inject some of this natural magic into the lives of our own children? Getting outdoorsy doesn’t have to be a Mt Everest style adventure. Simply enjoy a 30 minute picnic, a stargazing session, go for a walk in the park, kick a ball around outside, have a scavenger hunt. Go hug a tree, dip your feet in natural water, dig your toes into the sand, lie on the grass. Simply breathe in some fresh air, reconnect with nature and with your children – you’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel – we promise!

Here are some of our top natural picks for when you’re getting a dose of the great outdoors…

Outdoor Body Spray Natural Insect Repellent

Enjoy the great outdoors with a DEET free, proven effective natural insect repellent. Fresh, clean, revitalising scent. Proven effective blend of essential oils that repels mosquitoes. Made entirely from natural ingredients.

Outdoor Rescue Gel

Outdoor Rescue Gel is perfect for instant cool and calm to those trouble spots. It is light and cooling therefore great for use during the day for quick relief. The combination of ethanol, aloe vera and peppermint essential oil provide cooling and calming sensations.

Aftersun Rescue Gel

Apply as often as needed to sun kissed areas. This potion will refresh and treat your body to a cooling, soothing after sun treatment of aloe vera, marshmallow and chamomile blended with essential oils of lavender and Australian sandalwood. Handy hint: Store in the fridge during summer to ensure it is ready chilled!

Aftersun Rescue Gel-highres OutdoorRescueGel_15mL-highres OutdoorBodySpray_125mL-highres