Natural DIY Recipes for Body Bliss

Treat your body as the temple it is with these natural DIY delights. We’ve got some gorgeous recipes to help you unleash your inner aromatherapy alchemist and whip up your own beautiful body creations!

Mi-ease Mist

To help relieve headaches & tension naturally…


To make – Blend your essential oils with 10mL of Natural Perfume Base.  Mist onto the back of your neck and allow the sedative, soothing and analgesic properties of lavender and peppermint oils to help ease discomfort.

Orange Marmalade Body Scrub

Awaken your skin with this delectable & totally delicious body scrub…20160505_093213


To make – Combine oils then add to sea salt. Store in an airtight amber jar. Massage this memorable skin scrub all over to speed up skin metabolism and leave your skin simply glowing. Sea salts will ensure your body is polished to perfection and total radiance while apricot kernel base oil will hydrate, treat and indulge your skin leaving it feeling smooth and creamy all over.

N.B. Not recommended for sensitive skin. An alternative to sea salt could include finely ground oats, simply keep the oil blend and oats separate until needed then combine and use.

Muscle Tension Relief Massage Oil

Soothe away sore muscles and move with more ease…


To make – Combine all oils and massage over aching muscles to help provide temporary relief from muscular soreness!


Orange Crush Cuticle Oil20160505_095324

For luscious hands & nails…


To make – Combine pure essential oils then add to apricot kernel oil. Massage into the skin primarily at the base of the nail and all over the nails to lavish your hands in deeply moisturising deliciousness!


Oily Skin Facial Steam

Soften sebum-build up, loosen dead skin cells and boost skin hydration…


To make – Ensure your face is clean and damp. Add essential oils to a bowl of boiled water. With your hair pulled back from your face cover your head with a towel making a tent over yourself and the bowl. Keep your face at least 30cm from the bowl (further if your skin is sensitive, delicate or has surface veins). Allow the steam to cover your entire face for up to ten minutes. After steaming, rinse your face with cool purified water, pat to remove excess water then apply the serum, gel or moisturiser suited to your skin type to damp skin.

Natural Moon Lotion

For a little balance and bliss when you need it most…


To make – Combine essential oils then add to moisture cream base. Smooth and massage over abdomen and lower back when needed. Aromatherapy is considered an effective hormone regulator and PMS soother. The essential oils above are known to help reduce stress related tension, soothe the nerves and irritability and possess antispasmodic properties.

Signature scent

Express your uniqueness and create your own signature perfume by selecting your favourite essential oil, blend or creating your own. Then simply add 5-10 drops of your favourite blend of essential oils to every 10mL of Natural Perfume Base. Store in a glass amber spray bottle.

Beautiful Face & Body Lotions

For face cream, add up to 10 drops of 20160505_081315essential oils to each 50g of Moisture Cream Base. For a body cream, add up to 20 drops of essential oil to each 50g of Moisture Cream Base. Herbal extracts, floral waters, infused oils and vegetable oils may also be added. Blend ideas can be found in Sal’s Complete Guide to Aromatherapy and within Rita Balshaw’s Hippies in the City series.


Don’t want to make your own? Click here to see our pre-made beautiful bath and body potions!

*N.B. Peppermint essential oil is a potential skin irritant, it is not recommended for use in facial care products. Also, use maximum of 1 drop of peppermint oil into 10ml of Natural Perfume Base if including it in your perfume essential oil blend. Further, essential oils are highly concentrated and should not be used undiluted (neat) directly on the skin.