Mindful Skincare

Take time to indulge and enjoy the beauty of mindful skincare…

Mindfulness is a beautiful thing. Perhaps that’s why it has been spoken about so much and for so long. We’re all aware of its incredible benefits (a calmer nervous system, increased energy, and a quieter more focused and less reactive mind). But demands on our time can mean we don’t practice it as much as we would like to. So often we think that mindfulness practice is reserved for cave and mountain dwellers and those with oodles of spare time. Fortunately, this isn’t the case.

Mindfulness, simply put, is purposefully paying attention and being present in the moment without judgement. By this definition, we can weave a bit of mindfulness magic into our everyday activities – transforming mundane tasks into beautiful, intention-filled and replenishing practices.

This week, try to instill mindfulness into your skincare routine and see what difference it makes for you.

Move through the following steps slowly and mindfully with the most gentle love and intention you can. Add in your own little touches to the process – make it your own – the only rule is to do it slowly and with loving kindness toward yourself.

Start by being aware of your breath. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Look into the mirror and say something kind to yourself. Run a little water, find the right temperature, and with your eyes closed, gently splash your face – be aware of the temperature and sensations.

FB_Favourites_SootheGelNext, pour some cleanser into your palms and rub them together, paying careful attention to the feeling and texture of the cleanser between your hands. Breathe in the scent and then slowly and lovingly massage it into your face in gentle upward strokes. Focus on the feeling. Breathe deeply, go slowly. Send loving thoughts to your skin and weave in any affirmations that make you feel loved and nourished.

As you remove the cleanser, imagine you’re cleansing yourself of any limiting or negative beliefs.

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Now lightly mist your face with your fine tuning solution. Feel the way your skin drinks in the balancing and rehydrating properties. Pause. Breathe deeply, again inhaling the scent.

FB_Favourites_ReplenishSerumWhile your skin is still moist, rub a few drops of your serum or treatment between your palms before gently patting it over your skin. Now top with your moisturiser. Use gentle but firm upward sweeping motions as you lovingly massage it into your skin. Again, move slowly and deliberately and focus on flooding your skin with love and appreciation.

Your little ritual is now complete. Take a few moments to notice how you feel.


Another important part of mindful skincare is paying attention to your skin’s changes and listening to, and acknowledging what it needs.

Life is in a state of constant change – nothing is ever stuck or static – it’s always moving, flowing and evolving. As a living organ exposed to many varying factors, it makes sense that your skin is constantly changing too.

Most of us have a certain skin type, but this isn’t set in stone. Oily skin can become dry, dry skin types can suddenly become quite oily.

Mindful skincare is about monitoring, being aware of and analysing your skin and adapting and responding to its needs. It’s also about changing your skincare routine when necessary to help restore beautiful balance and harmony to your complexion.

Have you ever become frustrated because the products you’ve been using for forever have suddenly seemed to stop working? Perhaps it seems that out of nowhere your skin is super dry when it’s usually oily, or it’s become increasingly sensitive when it has mostly always been quite ‘normal’.

There can be many reasons for changes in your complexion. Your skin is strongly affected by age, hormonal activity, diet and stress, as well as external factors such as climate, location and time of year.

The important thing is to be aware and to listen to what your body is telling you and take appropriate action.

If your skin is becoming super oily and congested, perhaps your moisturiser is too rich, and it’s time to swap it for a lighter one for a while. If you’re feeling dry, try a more replenishing toner, clear away dead skin cells with natural exfoliation and imbue your skin with moisture using a serum or nourishing moisturiser.

FB_Favourites_BareFaced Is  your skin red and feeling irritated and angry? Strip back your skin care to basics, keep things simple with products designed to calm and soothe your complexion.

It may be that you only need a few tweaks to your routine to help bring your skin back to balance. Or perhaps you need a total overhaul. Our skincare needs typically change quite significantly as we age and move through different stages of life – this is especially true for women.

It is also good to assess your skin and how it reacts to the changing seasons (if it reacts at all) and to adapt your routine as needed. During the warmer months, we can tend toward more oil and congestion. If this is the case for you, perhaps try a more purifying cleanser or lighter moisturiser.

Our beautiful green gods and goddesses in store are always happy to help assess your skin and recommend the best way to bring it back into balance. If you feel your complexion is struggling, feel free to visit us at your nearest sanctuary for a chat and to try out what may work for your skin’s individual needs.