Live Your Truth with Vishuddha

So your assessment showed a Throat Chakra imbalance….

If you answered yes to four or more questions on our Chakra Assessment, your throat chakra may need some attention. Let’s start by taking a look at two examples of throat chakra imbalances…

Meet Jeff…

At every social event, Jeff dominates conversations with ease. He loves to be informed about absolutely EVERYTHING and has superficial knowledge of many topics. At the same time, he finds himself quite critical of the opinions of others, finding fault often and expressing it without hesitation. Jeff finds himself talking over people and yelling a lot, even when it isn’t necessary. He also tends not to give others a chance to talk or voice their opinions and on the off chance that he does, he usually interrupts them.

Meet Daniel…

Daniel is quite timid in social settings. He finds it difficult to voice his opinions or express himself. When he does, his voice is typically small and weak and people struggle to hear him. Daniel is often accused of being a ‘fence-sitter’ and of giving mixed messages. He’s not above the odd white lie now and then and his tendency to dance around the truth usually gets him into trouble. He often waits to hear others’ opinions before giving his own – which is typically adjusted to coincide their opinion. Physically, he suffers neck and thyroid issues.

Do either of these stories feel familiar? Was there something you really related to? If so, your throat chakra may be either deficient or excessive.

Our throat chakra, Vishuddha is located at the base of the throat. It’s the first of our higher chakras and is associated with the colour blue. It concerns our self-expression, creativity and communication. It’s also connected to concepts of truth and authenticity and the way we communicate our wants and needs. It’s about speaking our truth and being true to ourselves.


Vishuddha Balancing Practices


Wear or visualise the colour blue

Sit under a bright blue sky

Engage in free-flow writing, poetry or any form of writing

Learn a new language

Sing or chant

Use blue crystals and gemstones

Chant the bija mantra “HAM”

Write in a journal

Get regular neck massages

Try public speaking or acting classes

Yoga and meditation for Vishuddha

Try poses that focus on freeing up tension in the upper body & stimulate the thyroid

  • Halasana (Plow pose)
  • Salamba Sarvanghasana (Supported Shoulderstand)
  • Matsyasana (Fish pose)

Try these poses in our ‘free to express’ themed throat chakra yoga flow filmed at idyllic city escape studio Stretch Yoga, Brisbane CBD.

Meditation & Mantra 

  • Repeat the bija mantra HAM
  • Listen to the musical note G
  • Visualise the colour blue

Aromatherapy and the Throat Chakra

Use essential oils that promote a sense of calm, strength and enable the truth to be spoken such as…

German and Roman chamomile, cypress, geranium, peppermint

Expressive blend is a synergy of German chamomile, sandalwood, basil, and sweet orange pure essential oils designed to assist with free self-expression and communication and the courage to speak your truth. Try diffusing it before public speaking, singing or when faced with the need to communicate clearly and effectively (like in a business meeting).

Affirmations for Vishuddha

• I am open, clear, and honest in my communication •  I speak my truth •  I communicate my feelings easily •  I love sharing my experiences and wisdom •  I listen to others •

A Balanced Throat Chakra

When our throat chakra is balanced, we recognise our feelings and express them effectively. We have the confidence to communicate our needs and opinions and choose valueable ways of communicating those opinion.

  • I express my authentic self and speak my truth.
  • I listen well to others and allow them to be heard.
  • I trust life and am open to artistic inspiration.

If you agree with the above statements, come back next week for the Third Eye Chakra…
If you missed the foundations, we recommend starting from the beginning at the Base Chakra…