Learn about the Five Elements

The theory of the five elements is an integral aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They should be understood as five phases and should not be thought of as elements in the literal sense.

The five elements theory is a system of correspondences and patterns, which include processes and functions of the body, mind and spirit. Each element is symbolically represented by Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal/Air and Water.

Perfect Potion Five Element Blends can be enjoyed purely for their beautiful aromas or to help balance the five elements.


Wood is a blend of rosemary, geranium, palmarosa, basil and grapefruit pure essential oils.

When our wood element is healthy: We have clarity of mind and a high power of focus. We have increased ability to achieve our goals.

When our wood element is weak: We lose perspective and become confused. We often become victim of delusion with mental focus turning into obsession. This can lead to impulsiveness, aggressiveness and fits of anger.


Wood Essential Oil Blend


Fire is a blend of bergamot, Atlas cedarwood, ylang ylang, orange and sandalwood essential oils.

When our fire element is healthy: We have high spirit. Our intuition and enthusiasm for life always guide us to the right place at the right time to meet the right people. We feel joy and a strong sense of purpose in our life.

When our fire element is weak: We lose faith in ourselves, in others and in life in general. We lack enthusiasm and direction in life. We are unable to reach out and connect with others, or communicate our inner feelings. We become emotionless and often uncaring and cruel.

Fire Essential Oil Blend


Earth is a blend of sandalwood, Atlas cedarwood, vetiver, bergamot and patchouli essential oils. It will balance your earth element.

When our earth element is healthy: We feel supported by existence, and generally feel confident, at ease and comfortable with life. We cultivate true purpose.

When our earth element is out of balance: We feel ungrounded, uprooted, never satisfied, always in doubt, and do not trust ourselves. We have obsessive thoughts and repetitive thought patterns.

Earth Essential Oil Blend


Air is a blend of fir, lemon, lemon-scented eucalyptus, may chang, spike lavender and myrtle.

When our air element is healthy: We are sensitive, honest, courageous, firm, proud, uplifted, forgiving, faithful and loyal.

When our air element is out of balance: We have a vague feeling that “something isn’t right” but no clear sense of why.

Air Essential Oil Blend


Water is a blend of Roman chamomile, clary sage, lavender, petitgrain, Atlas cedarwood and distilled lime.

When our water element is healthy: We feel a sense of power and equilibrium, increased sense of trust, less fear and anxiety and courage to face the unknown.

When our water element is out of balance: We feel fearful, cold and scattered. We are in survival mode. We feel so weak that even when we are ready to fight, we know that we are going to lose.

Water Essential Oil Blend