IFA Conference 2017

It was an honour to speak at the 2017 (International Federation of Aromatherapists) IFA conference. Delegates from over 10 countries attended the conference, highlighting the fact that aromatherapy is now being practiced professionally in so many countries around the world.

On Saturday, I spoke about the precious sandalwood oils from Australia and our role to save the beautiful and precious sandalwood oil, traditionally from India, from the brink of extinction.

On the Sunday, I taught my Aromatree Masterclass to a packed house of over 150 aromatherapists. Upon my return from the UK, I promise to lock in some dates to conduct my sandalwood presentation in Melbourne and Sydney. For now, I am very excited to present my Aromatree Master Class in Sydney on the 29th of July. I will also be doing my sandalwood talk when I visit Japan in September.

Back to the conference. Apart from myself – there were so many inspiring speakers, Bradley Whale’s presentation really pushes the boundaries of science. Research is suggesting that smell can have an impact on our genetic memory. This is truly ground breaking research, meaning that essential oils are far more potent than we could ever imagine in determining the health of future generations.

Maggie Tisserand went back to grass root fundamentals of aromatherapy. That is – using essential oils for their potent antimicrobial activity. The abuse and overuse of antibiotics has led to some serious problems with antibiotic resistant microorganisms. However, these organisms are not resistant to certain essential oils!

We also heard from Natsuki Ohta from Japan who explained how they have managed to capture the subtle essence of green tea. Dr Saul, who is a senior physician at the Royal London hospital for Integrated Medicine, explained how they are integrating complimentary therapies into the conventional medicine framework.

Joe Hoare, a laughter yoga practitioner, reminded us that we should not take life too seriously and just laugh for the sake of laughing. He explained the therapeutic benefits of laughter – indeed laughter is the best medicine.

Nowadays, aromatherapy in Australia does face many challenges, however I am pleased to say that the IFA conference in London truly showcases the strength and the true healing power of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Maggie Tisserand, speaking about her research using essential oils to combat Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA in hospitals.  I first met Akiko from Japan at the Robert Tisserand Aromatherapy conference back in 1993. Look closely and you can see Sal back in 1993! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Joe Hoare speaking about the therapeutic benefits of laughter. He managed to get over 150 laughing at once!
I am so honoured that my book is being used all over the world. I met a delegate from Brazil who uses my book in her aromatherapy school. Natsuki Ohta spoke about the challenges of creating an essence from green tea. Sal with delegates from India and Korea
Sal with some of the delegates from China who are practicing aromatherapy.