How Chakra Healing Transformed My Life

“Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing.”

How the Chakra System Helped Sharon Bolt Heal.

– An interview with Shaman and Chakra Warrior, Sharon Bolt

You have probably heard of the 7 key bright, concentrated spirals or ‘wheels’ of energy known as chakras and understand how they work, but for Shaman and civil war survivor, Sharon Bolt, working with the chakras was life-changing. In this interview, Sharon shares her personal experiences with the benefits of energy healing. She also lets us in on how she keeps her chakras balanced.

Perfect Potion: We know what makes you so amazing, but could you share with our readers a bit about who you are and what you do?

Sharon: I am a curious consciousness explorer and lover of nature, plant spirits, esoteric practices and ceremony.  I am also a multi-disciplinary therapist (kinesiology, hypnotherapy, family constellations, shamanic clearing, chi kung) and I also train and mentor other facilitators and teachers in shamanic space holding and ceremonial protocol. I am an avid researcher and love learning! I have been studying nonstop for the last 16 years.  A full list of the courses I’ve undertaken are here. However, it’s the ‘non-official’ experiential training that has proven my greatest teacher!  I was an apprentice to a Taoist Master for 2 years, this required me living with my Taoist Master and maintaining a rigorous training routine as well as “chopping wood and carrying water”.  I have also traveled across the UK and to Peru, Bali and the Australian desert to learn from local medicine men and women.  I have worked with witches, magicians, Druids and esoteric practitioners.  I believe the best way to learn is by working one on one with masters of their craft.  My partner and I have combined all our learning into a unique training system that encompasses ancient wisdom, esoteric teachings, animism, shamanic practice, and Qi Gong into a unique system.  We call this Shamanic Energy Training.

Perfect Potion: In addition to your reputation as an incredible Shamanic Energy Trainer; you’re known as a bit of chakra goddess here in Australia, what was your first exposure to the world of the chakras?

Sharon: My Taoist master introduced me to the Dan Tien system first and then the chakra system.  My chi kung training focused on developing a strong lower Dan Tien in order to remain grounded during spiritual work.

Perfect Potion: There are so many descriptions of the chakra system. Could you explain it from your perspective for those who may not be familiar with it?

Sharon: Our view of the chakra system keeps evolving. For now, they appear to be the energetic interface that enables our endocrine glands and spine to interact with the universal energy field.  It is also the energetic template that stores our karmic and life experiences. You can think of the Chakras as the ‘organs’ of your body’s energy system, where every aspect of health is connected to one or more chakra.

Energy flows in and out of our bodies in a never-ending exchange with the universal energy field. Each of the seven major chakras acts as a conduit for a particular form of energy, assimilating and distributing it to specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions.

The chakras are vitally important to the growth of the soul, as they contain the energetic mechanisms that enable us to reconnect to our divine nature and the completion of our soul’s Journey. Each of us has all of our life lessons and developmental stages within us, simultaneously making demands and providing perspective, insight, and wisdom. These are all stored in our chakras and energy system.

As we grow and evolve, we go through discernible stages of understanding and development, which are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.

Imbalances in our energy centres tend to manifest as unhealthy behaviours, character traits or disease. Any limitation or challenge that you experience in life can also be recognised as an imbalance in the associated chakra.

Perfect Potion: Was there a time in your own life when you knew one chakra, in particular, was significantly out of balance?

Sharon: Absolutely! Due to a civil war, I had to leave my birth country Nicaragua at age 8… we then moved yearly between many countries.  My root chakra was seriously out for a long time! I had no grounding, sense of belonging and community.

The root chakra enables us to energetically connect to Mother Earth.  This bond is the foundation of our relationship with the divine feminine. It also contains the lessons that enable us to develop trust of ourselves and others, autonomy and initiative.

If we are able to feel safe, loved, and nurtured in our early years (which is not possible in war), then these qualities are more difficult to develop – we tend to not trust ourselves or others, feel fearful or shameful about our desire to explore our environment, instead of a sense of adventure; and since we are not able to develop a healthy sense of self, which enables us to initiate activities, express our creativity and embrace responsibility; we tend to then experience a lot of punishment and guilt for our attempts at independent activity.

I had to do a lot of chi kung work to get my root chakra back on track. This didn’t happen until my late 20s.

Self-trust is developed through the validation our parents give to our feelings and responses to life, letting us know that those feelings and responses are real and understandable. To balance and heal the first chakra we need to address a number of issues to do with birth trauma; trusting others and ourselves; our relationship with our bodies and nature, and our connection to the divine feminine.

Perfect Potion: What have you gained from working with the chakras?

Sharon: As an energy worker and therapist, it is imperative to be familiar with my chakra system so that I do my best to maintain a balanced energy field for my life and my work.  Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing, keep a close eye on the state of my energy system in terms on cleanliness and care.  Negative entities and thought forms tend to take over people’s chakras.  We regularly cleanse ours for that reason. It’s important to note that chakra work is essential for everyone!  It opens doors to a greater understanding of who you are energetically and provides an ongoing feedback loop to how you can improve your energetic condition.

Perfect Potion: Do you have any favourite ways to balance your charkas?

Sharon: Energy therapies, chi kung, meditation and working with vibrational medicine – essential oils of course! Flower essences, herbal tinctures, crystals, sound eg tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, affirmations etc.  I find out what each chakra needs for balancing by pendulum dowsing what is right for that chakra.  This has proven very accurate and beneficial and I teach people how to work with the pendulum in a sovereign and grounded way.

Perfect Potion: You mentioned essential oils, we have to ask, do you have a favourite Perfect Potion chakra product or favourite way to use Perfect Potion chakra products in a little ritual or in your workshops?

Sharon: Yes! I love the Perfect Potion Chakra Essential Oils Kit and we work with them in our workshops. We give participants a few drops of the relevant chakra oil we are working with before class to comb over their energy fields, we also use a diffuser with the chakra oils.  It’s my favourite Perfect Potion kit as I use it with clients all the time. We incorporate essential oils into all the work that we do.

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