Experience Greater Connection with Sahasrara

So your assessment showed a Crown Chakra imbalance….

If you answered yes to four or more crown questions on our Chakra Assessment, your crown chakra may need some attention. Let’s take a look at two examples of an imbalance…

Meet Claire…

Claire struggles a lot with brain fog and persistent headaches. She finds it difficult to see things from other people’s perspective and is wholly and solely focused on her own progression in life, particularly in regard to financial success and accumulation of material goods. She’s known as a bit of a cynic, quick to discount anything outside the realms of the worldly. Her beliefs around life and spirituality are quite rigid. Though from the outside she appears accomplished and happy, possessing everything she could ever desire, on some level she knows her life is definitely lacking a deeper purpose and meaning. She is forever hungry for more; always feeling a small sense of dissatisfaction.

Meet Charlie…

Charlie forever feels dissociated from his body. He is very much absorbed in his spiritual practice but is quite divorced from reality. He has trouble grounding himself and often feels confused and spacey. He struggles to get things done and to deal with the practicalities of life. Although he struggles with the practical side of life, his strengths lie in his altruism – Charlie is always there to offer kindness and support to those around him, he just struggles to take his own advice!

Do either of these stories feel familiar? Was there something you really related to? If so, your brow chakra may be either deficient or excessive.

Your crown chakra is your seventh major chakra, located just above the crown of the head. It is linked with the colour violet and the element of thought. The Sanskrit name given to this centre is ‘Sahasrara’, meaning ‘thousand petal lotus’, and it is considered the highest vibrational centre in the subtle body. Our crown chakra is the meeting point between the body and the soul. It is about wisdom, oneness and awareness. It is altruism, kindness, connection, inspiration, self-knowledge and enlightenment, selflessness, spirituality and surrender to your higher self.

Sahasrara Balancing Practices


Write down your dreams and visions

Enjoy quiet contemplation meditation and yoga regularly

Wear or visualise the colour white or violet

Carry and use gemstones – clear quartz, selenite and amethyst

Enjoy silence – the music of the crown chakra

Practice gratitude by writing lists

Spend time in prayer

Surround yourself with white and violet flowers

Help others – engage in selfless behaviour

Yoga and Meditation for the Crown Chakra

Choose gentle inversions like…

  • Advadanta Sirsasana (Dolphin Pose)
  • Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand)
  • Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

Try these poses in our third eye and crown yoga sequence for cultivating insight, clarity and intuition. Filmed at the beyond beautiful Stretch Yoga studio in Brisbane CBD.

Meditation & Mantra …

  • Repeat the bija mantra OM
  • Listen to the musical note B
  • Visualise the colour violet


Aromatherapy and the Crown Chakra

Use essential oils that help connect you with the divine within and without such as

Atlas cedarwood, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense

Cosmic chakra blend is a totally divine synergy of lavender, frankincense, East Indian sandalwood and cold pressed lime pure essential oils. Perfect to diffuse during meditation or other spiritual practices. This blend will help strengthen your crown chakra and allow you to develop feelings of connection and oneness.

Affirmations for Sahasrara

• I tune into union with my higher power • I honor the divine within myself  • I am open to divine wisdom •  I learn from life’s experiences •  I am connected •  I am in harmony with all of life •  I am free •  I am at peace •  I am balanced •

A Balanced Crown Chakra

When Sahasrara is in harmony you have awareness and a reverence for all of life. You are open to divine energy and wisdom and have a deep understanding of your life purpose and path. You see the divine in everyone and everything. You seek and find answers within.

  • I am one with all of life.
  • I regularly feel at peace.
  • I am grateful for life.

If you agree with the above statements, you most likely have a well-balanced crown chakra! 

If not, try going back to the beginning to build up and balance your lower chakras for a healthy foundation!