Essential Oils To Inspire Romance

Imagine walking through a dewy garden on a sultry summer night, sipping chilled champagne, surrounded by the heady fragrances of gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine. Inhaling these sweet, fragrant molecules exposes the deep recesses of our mind to these potent plant pheromones. Our bodies respond as our spirits lift and our mood lighten.

Essential oils have the power to change your mood. How would you like to feel today? – sensual, romantic, adored, empowered!


The heady, intensely floral scent of jasmine is seductive, hypnotic, exotic and magical. It opens your body and mind to radiate sensuality. Jasmine blossoms are picked under the cover of darkness, within the depths of colour and fragrance the romance of the moon is captured.


The sensual muskiness of this oil exudes the power of passionate mother earth. Patchouli ignites confidence, determination and gathers random thought and channels them into the moment.

Rose otto

The delicately sweet aroma of rose is the most precious of all heavenly scents; warm, sexual and strongly feminine. It enlivens your heart and evokes the power of the goddess within.

Ylang Ylang

This exotic floral oil awakens your deepest desires and dissolves your inhibitions. It is heady with its sweetness and exudes succulence. Ylang Ylang dispels feeling of frustration, anger and irritability, replacing them with joy, sensuality and self confidence.

Clary Sage

The uplifting herbaceous odour of clary oil encourages creative expansion and expression, it vanishes paranoia and encourages intuition. The heady fragrance is light and euphoric as though you had wings on your fee to fly towards your dream.

Sweet Orange

Sweet and refreshing, sweet orange is joyous, positive and adventurous. Its bright sweet fragrance brings unabated happiness and frivolity to serious people. It dissolves sadness and lifts the gloom of depression encouraging fun fresh communication.


With its soft, balsamic scent, sandalwood allows you to enjoy the moment, to be still in the ‘now’ with no need for haste. Smooth, gentle and deliberate, the energy of this fragrance washes over you, protecting, melting tensions, embracing emotions, heightening senses… float on a cloud of bliss.

Eros Range

Indulge your lover in the sweet, seductive scent of Eros. Inspired by the god of love, Eros will awaken your sensuality with ylang ylang, patchouli and lavender pure essential oils.

Green Goddess Range

Embrace your Green Goddess and allow yourself to explore new ideas and desires. Rose, jasmine, lotus, ylang ylang a host of 20 other essentail oils, will soothe and refresh your senses, creating a warm, inviting sanctuary.