DIY – Skincare and Cosmetic Remedies

By Rita Balshaw

Natural beauty begins in the kitchen! From papaya to pumpkins, many food ingredients double as cosmetic ingredients. Wholefoods, raw minerals and medicinal plant oils work together in a multitude of ways, helping to heal and nutritionally support the skin. Making your own skincare and remedial concoctions is the most economical and health supporting way to care for your skin.

Creating natural skincare products is a wholesome and
earth-friendly pursuit. It ritaensures that we protect both our health and our precious environment!

Much of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Many people underestimate the implications of this and continue to use synthetic and toxic skincare products. These have zero nutritional value and can build up in your system causing potential health problems. Creating your own skincare potions empowers you to get creative and do something wonderfully nourishing for yourself!

Throw away your non-natural skincare products and start formulating skincare that comes from the natural world; use plants, herbs, tinctures, seeds, clays, nuts, oils and pure essential oils!


Playing the herbal alchemist in
your home will involve the following…


Perfect Potion essential oils, herbs, spices, groundnuts, beeswax, raw honey, bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar, cocoa and shea butter, argiletz clay and mineral powders.


Glass jars, measuring spoon, small saucepan, electric stick blenderHIC_2
and empty bottles and containers.


It is really important to have an open mind when creating your concoctions in order to get a sense of what intuitively feels right for you. Both my books Hippies in the City – A guide to natural urban living and Hippies in the City Natural Urban Remedies will guide you in your DIY ventures. Perfect Potion also have some really cool natural skincare blogs to inspire you and numerous step-by-step recipes to support you practically!