DIY Recipes for Luscious Locks

Treat your hair to the sacred art of alchemy and aromatherapy! Concoct and apply these DIY recipes to feed, nurture and revitalise your locks and drench your hair in natural goodness!

The ingredients below will help soften, hydrate and care for your hair providing it with a nutritional & aromatic feast of pure essential oils!


Lemon Essence Dry Shampoo

Unleash goddess hair even in a rush…20160505_094344


To make –

Combine essential oils then add in the cornflour making sure to really work the flour and oils together, breaking up any balls that form so that everything is distributed evenly and is well combined. Storing your mixture in a clean, empty cinnamon/spice/salt shaker helps make application easier. To use, massage a small amount into your scalp. Use a brush to evenly distribute then use the brush to remove the mixture, tipping your hair upside down while brushing.


Hair Growth & Replenishment Oil

Soften & hydrate your locks and bring you hair back to optimum health…


To make – Using a dropper add all essential oils to a glass amber bottle. Shake well to combine thoroughly then add in apricot kernel oil. Shake again to combine. Massage a small amount of the mixture into clean, damp hair. Pop on a shower cap or cover with cling wrap then wrap a warm towel over. Leave on for at least 30 minutes or overnight. This will allow your hair to luxuriate and hydrate in the aromatic synergy of pure essential oils and to drink in natural, nutrient-rich feast of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids offered by your chosen vegetable oils. After you have left in for desired amount of time, rinse out then shampoo and condition as normal.This mixture could also be applied in very small amounts to the ends of hair to tame frizzies and fly-aways. For an extra hair health and growth boost try teaming this with rosemary shampoo and conditioner.