Sandalwood Blend Winner

A message from Sal…
Thank you all so much for entering the sandalwood blending competition. When it’s time to choose the winner, I’m given all the blends and their descriptions without your name or information included. I have no idea who makes the blend, the only thing I’m looking for is the blend that makes featured oil of the month the heart and soul of the blend. This month that blend was created by Mandy, who’s creation made beautiful use of our spiritual connection with sandalwood.

Intuition Blend

“Believe in yourself, stand strong in your power. Listen and connect to your inner voice, trust your intuition. Seeing the signs you are on the right path and believing in yourself, connection with nature. I really felt the presence of my grandparents when making this.”
25% sandalwood
40% lavender
10% lemon
5% frankincense
5% rose absolute
5% patchouli
5% atlas cedarwood
5% lime
Congratulations Mandy!! Your $100 gift voucher is on its way!

Special mention to Damian, our Sandalwood runner up:
Let Your Love Be Love
“I wanted to create something just beautiful to smell, that has a soothing, positive and softening effect for opening the heart. The Sandalwood is the only grounding element, and the French Lavender is the only aspiring, cosmic element.”
2 drops Australian Sandalwood
1 drop Geranium
1 drop Nutmeg
1 drop Pink Grapefruit
1 drop French Lavender
1 drop Rose Absolute
Damian, we can’t wait to share your runner up prize with you! Please visit us in store to receive your gift!

Don’t forget to download the free lavender monograph. I would have to say that this is most likely the most detailed monograph you will ever find on lavender oil.
I look forward to smelling your beautifully creative blends this month!!

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