Patchouli Blend Winner

A message from Sal….

Thank you all so much for entering the perfect potion monthly blending competition. It was difficult to choose a winner as there were so many creative blends, however there can only be one winner and I have chosen Sharon Van Staden’s blend.

She has used some challenging oils to blend such as ginger, clary sage and lemon myrtle. You have been braver than me with your choice of oils!

These oils have a very strong odour intensity and want to fight to dominate the blend.

Patchouli – 20%

Atlas cedarwood – 10%

Clary sage – 20%

Ginger – 10%

Bergamot – 20%

Lemon myrtle – 20%

However Sharon has managed to create a balanced harmony between all the oils while allowing patchouli’s character to come through! Sharon has also managed to incorporate many features into this blend. Not only does it help to relieve sore throats, the blend also is a tonic for nervous exhaustion, unbalanced energies, stifled creative expression and repressed emotions.

I am diffusing the blend in my office as I write this and I can see what Sharon means when she says that this blend aids a person to take time out from a busy schedule to assess what is going on in their life and to reflect, is the direction they are going in, what they really want?

Congratulations and well done Sharon. Please enjoy your $100 perfect potion gift voucher.

I look forward to seeing some awesome blends with this month’s oil of the month – sandalwood.  It can involve any of the sandalwood oils that I have spoken about in the monograph. You must include in your blend the ratio of each oil that you have chosen.  You can use either drops or represent it as a %.

Thank you all so much and I look forward to some truly inspirational blends using sandalwood.

Best wishes


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