Lavender Blend Winner

A message from Sal….

Thank you all so much for submitting such amazing blends. It is becoming more and more difficult to choose a winner each month.

All the blends submitted highlight that you are in tune and mindful of the relationships the essential oils have with each other.

The winner for lavender oil is Melissa Macdonald. Melissa called this blend “full moon blend”.

Melissa used French alpine lavender and cleverly combined it with lemongrass, bergamot and black pepper. I was initially concerned that the delicate scent of French alpine lavender would be lost with the strong robust aromas of lemongrass and black pepper.

However the ratio was perfect and the vitality of the delicate French alpine lavender was actually enhanced!  This is truly an uplifting blend that creates a sanctuary for your senses whenever you are feeling overwhelmed is how Melissa described the blend. Melissa congratulations and your $100 gift voucher will be on its way.

A special runner up mention goes to Jan Loden. Sometimes simple is best. Jan had a simple blend with Tasmanian lavender, fragonia and kunzea – all Australian essential oils. This blend soothed the soul. You have inspired me to reintroduce kunzea oil later this year and I hope you get to read about fragonia which is this month’s monograph. Jan, I loved the feeling that you get when you inhale this blend, so on the condition that you enter another blend for fragonia you receive a free 5ml bottle of the truly amazing fragonia oil.

This month’s oil is fragonia – off course you cannot use the blend that Jan submitted. Fragonia is truly a divine essential oil and I hope that you consider using its unique subtle qualities when creating your blend.

Good luck blending and I look forward to smelling all the amazing fragonia oil blends.

Thank you all so much and have a great month.

Pretty LotusPretty Lotus