Kunzea Winner

A message from Sal….
Kunzea is such a delightful oil to blend.

It seems to complement any other essential oil that it is blended with. This was evident by all the amazing blends we received for the kunzea oil of the month blending competition.

Before I announce the winner I would like to share with you some of the beautiful blends we received.

Linda Gordon created such a beautiful blend reminiscent of the Australian bush by blending Kunzea with lemon scented ironbark and bush mint. Elisha Marshall came up with a wonderful uplifting and relaxing blend when she combined kunzea with lemon and lavender. What I really liked about these two blends was their simplicity and harmony.

Lyn Bishop created a well balanced and harmonious blend using kunzea with lime, lemon, pine and juniper. Lyn says that this blend helps you kick start your cold mornings by alerting and clearing your mind, dispelling any stress and anxiety and helping you find the uniqueness within.
I loved the way Jodie Smith combined Kunzea with geranium, neroli, cassia and bergamot to create a “warm my heart” blend.

Chelsea as usual was very ambitious when she blended kunzea with benzoin, cistus, clary sage, geranium and sandalwood. I was expecting kunzea to be drowned by such overwhelming rich resins, however the result was a rather amazing and a delicately balanced blend.

Even more adventurous was Melissa Resnelis who combined kunzea with jasmine, eucalyptus and pine. The result was an incredibly balanced blend that truly did give you a sense of worthiness and clarity of the mind and soul.

Robbie has shown great insight and intuition by blending Kunzea with Australian sandalwood, fragonia and angelica root to create a blend that is deeply healing and helps to break the negative cycle of addiction. I am sure Robbie used angelica root in this blend because clinical trials have confirmed that it helps reduce cravings and addictive behaviours.

This month’s runner up prize goes to Sarah Gutherie. Sarah called her blend “Fairy Shoppe blend”. She blended kunzea with rose otto and Tasmanian lavender to create the memories of her favourite place which was the local fairy shoppe which was also a florist. Sarah says that this blend recreates her childhood memories. Sarah what a wonderful and most powerful way of using essential oils!
Sarah a 5ml bottle of German chamomile is on its way to you.

Jenny Lo created an enchanting blend which she called “down the rabbit hole. ” I will explain using Jenny’s own words why she is the winner of the Kunzea blend of the month.

“My essential oil blend, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, will take you on a wonderful adventure into an enchanted forest. I’ve started off with warm, earthy fragrances like sandalwood and cedarwood. Kunzea, of course, is the star of the show and spices up the entire party – It’s the one element which gives the woody fragrances a magical touch. Finally, I add a little palmarosa, lavender and neroli so that Alice can enjoy her afternoon tea next to the beautiful gardens.”

Congratulations Jenny a $100 perfect Potion gift voucher is on its way.
Thank you all so much for all your amazing blends. This month’s oil may prove to be a little more challenging. It is German chamomile.

I want you to think carefully before making a blend with German chamomile. We all know that it has wonderful anti-inflammatory activity, so I do not need you to create a “soothe” blend for sensitive skin. We already have a wonderful soothe range at Perfect Potion. However, I want you to consider its unique subtle qualities and its personality traits.

Valerie Ann Worwood describes the personality of German chamomile as;
“The German Chamomile person is a very strong emotional person. They have emotional depth and the ability to draw out the best in other people, but keep their own feelings to themselves. They are usually down to earth and upfront. They are always good to have around in an emotional storm, or when grieving, as they provide a strong, solid shoulder to cry on if needed.”

She says that when it is used with purpose and direction the scent helps us in seeking spiritual understanding.

Have fun creating a German chamomile blend.

Speak to you all soon.

Best wishes,


Pretty LotusPretty Lotus