Ginger Winner

A message from Sal…

Thank you all so much for the delightful ginger blends. All the ginger entries made such wonderful use of ginger’s extraordinary ability to give warmth to floral notes without overpowering the blend

Sam Thomas made such a simple but exquisite blend. Sam decided to use ginger CO2, jasmine absolute and then balance the intoxicating scent of these two oils with some sandalwood. Sam proves that sometimes simplicity is the best strategy to create an amazing blend. Sam called their blend Moving Forward.  Sam says that the scent of her blend  gives her the focus and strength to do what she wants to do during the day.

I loved the way many of you made use of ginger’s amazing subtle qualities to give us strength and courage. Jenny Lo created a blend that she called Hua Mulan, named after a mighty warrior and caring daughter who enlisted herself in the army in place of her frail, aging father. This blend truly embodies the strength and courage of ginger, with the gentle spirit and joy of fruity and floral oils. Jenny’s blend included ginger, sweet orange, palmarosa, atlas cedarwood, geranium, mandarin, grapefruit, neroli and western Australian sandalwood.

Jennifer Laing is new to blending, but this did not stop Jennifer from making an awesome blend which included ginger CO2, bergamot and rose otto. This was such a delightful blend in which the ginger did not overpower the rose, but it gave power to the rose otto!

I love the way that Cindy Hseih used ginger to recall her beautiful childhood memories of her mum. Cindy explains that the aroma of ginger reminds her of her mum. Her mum would always prepare ginger tea and soup whenever she was sick. Cindy explains that a mother’s love to the family never ends and that her love gives her strength and courage to break through many difficulties. It is no wonder that Cindy called her blend Unconditional Love. Cindy blended ginger, may chang, frankincense, juniper berry and sweet orange. The was such a rich and comforting blend!

Cindy you will receive the runner up prize for your inspiring blend. The runner up prize is a 10ml bottle of this month’s essential oil which is the delightful vibrant certified organic lemon oil!

Cindy – I love ginger in food! – can you please share with us your mum’s recipe for ginger soup?

Alas – all such delightful blends but there can only be one winner. This month Susan Gao created a blend that just swept me off my feet. It was so harmonious and delightful. It could be used as a perfume, however Susan called her blend winter blue buster. Susan explains that Melbourne’s winters are wet, windy, grey and miserable. This blend with bergamot, jasmine absolute, scotch pine, ginger and sweet orange really does bring so much warmth, freshness, energy, joy and happiness. It reaches deep down into our soul. Well done Susan, a $100 perfect potion gift voucher is on its way to you.

I am sure by now you have downloaded the lemon monograph, if not please do so soon. Lemon oil is so revitalising and vibrant. It is no wonder that Robbi Zeck describes lemon as a delightful aromatic spa for the brain. It also has some very potent activities and very practical clinical applications.

This will be the last blending competition for the year so please make sure you submit your blend. Being the last competition for 2017 the prize for lemon essential oil blend will also be a $200 perfect potion gift voucher.

Please take care and I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful Spring weather while it lasts!

Best wishes


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