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A message from Sal…

My sincere apologies for being so late in choosing the German chamomile blend of the month winner. I had just got back from speaking at International Federation of Aromatherapists conference in London, where I was the keynote speaker. I spoke about the sandalwood situation in Australia which is really exciting. I then presented my Aromatree master class. It was truly an honour to speak to aromatherapists from more than 20 countries who attended the conference.

By the way, I will be conducting the Aromatree Masterclass in Sydney on the 29th of July and next month I will be conducting the Integrative Aromatherapy Masterclass in Brisbane on the 26th of August.

Upon my return from the UK, I had to fly down to Canberra.  We have just opened a beautiful shop at Canberra Central, located in the CBD. We are located at the Beauty Garden which is a wonderful new concept that the owners of the centre have created. We have had such a warm and positive response to so many wonderful customers in Canberra who sincerely appreciate us having opened up a shop in Canberra. I do look forward to conducting classes in Canberra in the near future.

Now onto the German chamomile winner!

Its petals open with the sun, and it pulls down the energy from the heavens and the solar system. When inhaled with purpose, it can allow a deeper knowledge of the working of the universe, and of certain angelic orders who work close to the earth.

This description of German chamomile at the beginning of my chamomile monograph epitomises the subtle qualities I was looking for in this month’s blend. I must say it is becoming even more challenging to choose the winner as all the blends were so amazing.

Thank you all so much for everyone who entered the German chamomile blending competition.

I would like to mention just a couple of outstanding blends before announcing the winner.

I was so impressed with the simplicity of Leah Kearn’s blend. Leah simply add 2 drops of German chamomile to 3 drops of cardamom. This evocative blend was so perfectly balanced and warm.

Chelsea combined German chamomile with jasmine, juniper and mandarin to create a truly ethereal blend. In describing this blend, she quotes Joseph Campbell from Robbie Zecks’ book – “we must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

On the other hand, Mandy’s blend packed a real punch when she combined German chamomile, rose absolute, patchouli, everlasting and juniper. Mandy, I loved the blend but the German chamomile got lost with the 4 drops of intense floral aroma of rose absolute. I could feel Mandy’s pent up emotions bursting out of this blend. She explained that the blend helps her speak the truth calmly and with love and passion and that it has helped her deal with her frustrations at the direction aromatherapy has taken with MLM companies. Mandy, I totally agree, aromatherapy in Australia as a profession is being seriously undermined and challenged, but this now creates a wonderful opportunity for those in the industry to ensure that aromatherapy is practiced with integrity and compassion. I will be speaking about this at my integrative aromatherapy masterclass.

Sarah Gutherie turned German chamomile into an apple cinnamon teacake room spray. Sarah, you have perfectly combined German chamomile with cinnamon bark, vanilla oleoresin and benzoin to take us back on a wonderful journey of baking your first cake with mum. My mouth is now watering and memories of my childhood overwhelm me as I smell your blend. Thank you for such a creative blend. I have decided to give you a runner up prize which is a 5ml of ginger distilled oil and ginger CO2 extract. I cannot even imagine how creative you will be blending ginger.

Follow your Dreams by Angela Cahill had a magical quality which combined german chamomile, cardamom, fragonia and pink grapefruit to create a warm, supportive and optimistic blend to help in life’s transitions. Angela, I have also decided to give you a runner up prize which is the two ginger oils.

Jenny Lo named her blend “Belle”. She said that it was named after the beautiful, independent-minded woman who was also extremely curious, compassionate and well-educated – her favourite Disney princess. Jenny’s blend contained German chamomile – 3 drops, Queensland sandalwood  – 1 drop, palmarosa – 1 drop, neroli – 1 drop, geranium – 1 drop and lavender – 1 drop.

Jenny, your Belle blend stole my heart – congratulations you are this month’s winner. A $100 perfect potion gift voucher is on its way.

This month’s essential oil is Ginger. As I state in the monograph for ginger I actually was surprised how often I use ginger in a blend. It often plays a supporting role in a blend. It blends so well with citrus oils, rich floral oils, herbaceous oils, wood oils and other spice oils.

You can download the ginger monograph using this link (INSERT LINK)

However, I am looking for that magical blend that has all the energetic and subtle qualities of ginger. Ginger must be the star of the blend. Ginger promotes courage, determination and strength. It is associated with the Fire element. That’s enough tips for ginger.

Best wishes and please have fun blending ginger!


Salvatore Battaglia



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