Geranium Blend Winner

A message from Sal…

I have just had the challenging task of choosing the winning blend for oil of the month blending competition for geranium. Geranium has always been a favourite oil of mine. It blends so well with energising oils such as basil, lemon and rosemary. However, it also goes so well with relaxing oils such as lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

I loved all the amazing blends with geranium oil – I would like to say that everyone who entered had a winning blend. But, alas, there can only be one winner.

I loved the way that Bansai Somaiya combined geranium with jasmine, lavender and fennel seed. This was such a rich and evocative blend. Bansai, your blend made it right to the end, however when we went to vaporise the blend, the sweet fennel was just a little overwhelming. I think just one drop of fennel and you may have won! Thank you for such an amazing blend.

Nicole Emmerson did an awesome job blending geranium with basil and bergamot – such a perfect energy boost.

Kelli Gaissi blended geranium with grapefruit and lime. This blend really did smell like you were walking into a tropical oasis. Kellie said that her blend takes your soul to a tropical rainforest without having to leave your home.

Melissa Resnelis blended geranium with lavender, ylang ylang and fragonia.  This sounds like a straight forward simple relaxing blend, but the fragonia truly did make this such a magical combination! It is not surprising that Melissa called her blend “Ticket to Paradise”. Melissa your blend is also a ticket to winning this month’s geranium blending competition. Congratulations for sharing your wonderful blend with us. It smelt so smooth, balanced and uplifting. A $100 perfect potion gift voucher is on its way to you!

Jenny Hsieh  created such a pretty blend, not surprising it had geranium with neroli and ylang ylang. I loved the simplicity of the blend and Jenny your description was so perfect, “Monet’s Garden”. It definitely is such a delightful blend to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. As jenny explained this is a very feminine , sophisticated and tres chic blend! Jenny, I have decided to award you the runner up prize which is a bottle of this month’s “oil of the month “ which happens to be kunzea. Kunzea is a truly unique Australian native essential oil from Tasmania. This oil truly has some incredible properties. Please download the monograph that I have written to give you some inspiration for this month’s blending competition.

I do look forward to seeing some amazing healing blends this month with kunzea essential oil.  Remember that I have also just started to promote my masterclasses for this year and they are booking out quickly. I will be doing the blending masterclass in Sydney only this year. It will be on Saturday the 6th of May.

Please have an awesome month and thank you all so much for some incredible amazing blends

Pretty LotusPretty Lotus