Fragonia Blend Winner

A message from Sal…

I have been in heaven inhaling all these amazing blends with fragonia oil. Thank you all so much. I would firstly like to congratulate everyone on creating such awesome blends.
Blending is such a fun way to connect with the amazing qualities and properties of the oils. Before I announce the winner I would like to share with you some of my favorite blends.
Josephine created a wonderful blend incorporating fragonia’s subtle qualities in a blend which she called ‘Connect’. It included clary sage, sweet orange and sandalwood. Josephine says that this blend is perfect for those of us experiencing tension and stress, helping us to unwind and feel grounded.

Damian submitted a beautiful blend that he called Agartha, which he named after the legend of an underground civilization that harmoniously existed in the underside of the crust of the Earth. He says fable has it that the Agarthans lived in absolute peace with their surrounds and are extremely spiritual, advanced human beings. I can see why fragonia was the heart and soul of this blend.
Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and this month’s winner is Chelsea Van Rijn. Upon inhaling the blend I could feel so much warmth and love. It honestly felt like someone was giving me a big hug and the more I smelt it, the more intoxicating it became. Chelsea described her blend as a “scentual hug.” I love the simplicity of this blend with fragonia, benzoin, pink grapefruit and neroli. While the blend in itself was simple, it had such a well-balanced and complex aroma that combined the warm, heavy, sweet aroma of benzoin with the delicate fresh aroma of fragonia.
Chelsea, a Perfect Potion hundred dollar gift voucher is on its way!
I must mention one more blend that I thoroughly enjoyed and found so uplifting , invigorating and refreshing. Lyn says she chose her oils intuitively. Lyn said that her blend of fragonia, ylang ylang, geranium and sweet orange helps her to be decisive and get things done. Lyn, I have decided to give you runner up prize, which is a bottle of everlasting, this month’s special oil.
I am so looking forward to receiving all your blends this month with a truly amazing healing oil of Everlasting. Please don’t forget to download the free pdf of the monograph for everlasting to learn about this amazing oil. You will also get some good ideas for coming up with an awesome everlasting blend.

Have a wonderful week and lots of fun creating beautiful aromatherapy blends.

Warm wishes,

Pretty LotusPretty Lotus