Cleaning your home naturally!!

Your home is your sanctuary – a place to unwind and escape from the stress, toxins and pollution of our modern world. What’s scary though, is that there are often more toxic chemicals lurking inside your home than in the middle of big cities and industrial centres!!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in your home can be anywhere from 10 -100 times more polluted than the air outside! The main culprits? Common household cleaners.

Not only can these products be harmful to people and pets, they also negatively impact upon the environment.

Fortunately, Kermit the Frog was wrong – it is easy being green! All you need are a handful of simple kitchen staples and pure essential oils to transform your home into a healthy, toxin-free haven!

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to build a non-toxic cleaning kit and replace potentially hazardous products with all natural ingredients you can trust.

Read on to start embracing a more sustainable way of living and learn how to transform each and every room into a beautiful, chemical-free space.

Before we get to the DIY recipes, let’s meet the star players. These are the safe, effective ingredients that will make up your non-toxic cleaning kit and replace the under-the-kitchen-sink arsenal of chemicals.

The Star Players

Bicarbonate of Soda (sodium bicarbonate)… Baking soda is non-toxic, inexpensive and extremely versatile. This pantry staple is also a gentle abrasive that absorbs odours and cuts through grease and grime.

White Vinegar… Environmentally friendly and economical, white vinegar is an effective all-rounder that dissolves grease, deodorises and disinfects. It’s also a wonderful glass cleaner. (Note: Do not use vinegar on anything made of stone, including marble, granite, travertine and terrazzo.)20150715_121709

Lemons… When life gives you lemons – clean with them! Lemons are mold and mildew annihilators. Their acidity makes them terrific for cutting through grease. (Tip: Our marketing manager Ashley, swears by cleaning with a lemon and white vinegar infusion – simply allow your discarded lemon peels to sit in a bottle of vinegar for a few weeks. This will not only provide a great scent, but a bit of extra cleaning power as well!).

Liquid Castile Soap… Castile soap is biodegradable and made from 100% plant oils. It’s a natural and environmentally friendly cleaner!

Natural Perfume Base… Natural perfume base is antibacterial, removes grease and cleans glass and other surfaces. Note: do not use on varnished and painted surfaces.

Essential Oils… Essential oils aren’t just a pretty smell! In addition to gifting your home with a fresh fragrance, and uniquely ‘you’ atmosphere, essential oils also boost the effectiveness of your cleaning with their myriad beneficial properties.



Floor Cleaner 

For a super simple but effective floor cleaner try…hitcimage

1 part white vinegar

2 parts warm water

20-30 drops of essential oil or blend of your choice
(Try pine essential oil or the revitalising Zest Blend as it’s filled with stain-busting citrus essential oils and has an incredibly fresh and uplifting scent that will overpower the vinegar.)

Combine all ingredients in a bucket and mop away! (Note: Not recommended for wood floors).


Window, Glass and Mirror Cleaning Spray

Wipe over window and glass surfaces with a clean cloth or newspaper.

1 C Perfect Potion Natural Perfume Base

2 C purified water

10 drops of essential oil – (try lemon, lemon myrtle, lime or orange)

Measure Natural Perfume Base into a glass jug and add the essential oils. Next add the water and stir. Decant into a spray bottle.


Toilet CleanerExoticSpice_EOB_10mL

Reducing chemical cleaners isn’t just for our benefit – let’s not forget about the where these chemicals go after we’ve used them…

½ cup bicarbonate of soda

10 drops of Exotic Spice Essential Oil Blend

¼ cup white vinegar

Sprinkle the baking soda and essential oil into the toilet, make sure it sticks to the sides. Add the vinegar and scrub away while the mixture fizzes.


Air Fresheners

Create a fresh, clean environment for your senses using a combination of fresh, fruity and herbaceous essential oils.
Spritz the home or office with ready-made Breathing Space Room Spray. The purifying essential Breathing Space Room Sprayoils of lemon, eucalyptus and myrtle will effectively cleanse the atmosphere and make a fantastic spray for your kitchen.

Or remove stale odours and create a tranquil haven in which to relax and calm your senses with Lavender Room Spray (Tip: It also makes for a refreshing linen spray).