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How Chakra Healing Transformed My Life

“Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing.”

How the Chakra System Helped Sharon Bolt Heal.

– An interview with Shaman and Chakra Warrior, Sharon Bolt

You have probably heard of the 7 key bright, concentrated spirals or ‘wheels’ of energy known as chakras and understand how they work, but for Shaman and civil war survivor, Sharon Bolt, working with the chakras was life-changing. In this interview, Sharon shares her personal experiences with the benefits of energy healing. She also lets us in on how she keeps her chakras balanced.

Perfect Potion: We know what makes you so amazing, but could you share with our readers a bit about who you are and what you do?

Sharon: I am a curious consciousness explorer and lover of nature, plant spirits, esoteric practices and ceremony.  I am also a multi-disciplinary therapist (kinesiology, hypnotherapy, family constellations, shamanic clearing, chi kung) and I also train and mentor other facilitators and teachers in shamanic space holding and ceremonial protocol. I am an avid researcher and love learning! I have been studying nonstop for the last 16 years.  A full list of the courses I’ve undertaken are here. However, it’s the ‘non-official’ experiential training that has proven my greatest teacher!  I was an apprentice to a Taoist Master for 2 years, this required me living with my Taoist Master and maintaining a rigorous training routine as well as “chopping wood and carrying water”.  I have also traveled across the UK and to Peru, Bali and the Australian desert to learn from local medicine men and women.  I have worked with witches, magicians, Druids and esoteric practitioners.  I believe the best way to learn is by working one on one with masters of their craft.  My partner and I have combined all our learning into a unique training system that encompasses ancient wisdom, esoteric teachings, animism, shamanic practice, and Qi Gong into a unique system.  We call this Shamanic Energy Training.

Perfect Potion: In addition to your reputation as an incredible Shamanic Energy Trainer; you’re known as a bit of chakra goddess here in Australia, what was your first exposure to the world of the chakras?

Sharon: My Taoist master introduced me to the Dan Tien system first and then the chakra system.  My chi kung training focused on developing a strong lower Dan Tien in order to remain grounded during spiritual work.

Perfect Potion: There are so many descriptions of the chakra system. Could you explain it from your perspective for those who may not be familiar with it?

Sharon: Our view of the chakra system keeps evolving. For now, they appear to be the energetic interface that enables our endocrine glands and spine to interact with the universal energy field.  It is also the energetic template that stores our karmic and life experiences. You can think of the Chakras as the ‘organs’ of your body’s energy system, where every aspect of health is connected to one or more chakra.

Energy flows in and out of our bodies in a never-ending exchange with the universal energy field. Each of the seven major chakras acts as a conduit for a particular form of energy, assimilating and distributing it to specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions.

The chakras are vitally important to the growth of the soul, as they contain the energetic mechanisms that enable us to reconnect to our divine nature and the completion of our soul’s Journey. Each of us has all of our life lessons and developmental stages within us, simultaneously making demands and providing perspective, insight, and wisdom. These are all stored in our chakras and energy system.

As we grow and evolve, we go through discernible stages of understanding and development, which are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.

Imbalances in our energy centres tend to manifest as unhealthy behaviours, character traits or disease. Any limitation or challenge that you experience in life can also be recognised as an imbalance in the associated chakra.

Perfect Potion: Was there a time in your own life when you knew one chakra, in particular, was significantly out of balance?

Sharon: Absolutely! Due to a civil war, I had to leave my birth country Nicaragua at age 8… we then moved yearly between many countries.  My root chakra was seriously out for a long time! I had no grounding, sense of belonging and community.

The root chakra enables us to energetically connect to Mother Earth.  This bond is the foundation of our relationship with the divine feminine. It also contains the lessons that enable us to develop trust of ourselves and others, autonomy and initiative.

If we are able to feel safe, loved, and nurtured in our early years (which is not possible in war), then these qualities are more difficult to develop – we tend to not trust ourselves or others, feel fearful or shameful about our desire to explore our environment, instead of a sense of adventure; and since we are not able to develop a healthy sense of self, which enables us to initiate activities, express our creativity and embrace responsibility; we tend to then experience a lot of punishment and guilt for our attempts at independent activity.

I had to do a lot of chi kung work to get my root chakra back on track. This didn’t happen until my late 20s.

Self-trust is developed through the validation our parents give to our feelings and responses to life, letting us know that those feelings and responses are real and understandable. To balance and heal the first chakra we need to address a number of issues to do with birth trauma; trusting others and ourselves; our relationship with our bodies and nature, and our connection to the divine feminine.

Perfect Potion: What have you gained from working with the chakras?

Sharon: As an energy worker and therapist, it is imperative to be familiar with my chakra system so that I do my best to maintain a balanced energy field for my life and my work.  Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing, keep a close eye on the state of my energy system in terms on cleanliness and care.  Negative entities and thought forms tend to take over people’s chakras.  We regularly cleanse ours for that reason. It’s important to note that chakra work is essential for everyone!  It opens doors to a greater understanding of who you are energetically and provides an ongoing feedback loop to how you can improve your energetic condition.

Perfect Potion: Do you have any favourite ways to balance your charkas?

Sharon: Energy therapies, chi kung, meditation and working with vibrational medicine – essential oils of course! Flower essences, herbal tinctures, crystals, sound eg tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, affirmations etc.  I find out what each chakra needs for balancing by pendulum dowsing what is right for that chakra.  This has proven very accurate and beneficial and I teach people how to work with the pendulum in a sovereign and grounded way.

Perfect Potion: You mentioned essential oils, we have to ask, do you have a favourite Perfect Potion chakra product or favourite way to use Perfect Potion chakra products in a little ritual or in your workshops?

Sharon: Yes! I love the Perfect Potion Chakra Essential Oils Kit and we work with them in our workshops. We give participants a few drops of the relevant chakra oil we are working with before class to comb over their energy fields, we also use a diffuser with the chakra oils.  It’s my favourite Perfect Potion kit as I use it with clients all the time. We incorporate essential oils into all the work that we do.

Learn more about Sharon here.

Discover our Chakra Range here.

The Creative Process Behind Your Aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs


  1. An alchemic preparation formerly believed to be capable of transmuting base metals into gold, or of prolonging life: elixir vitae or elixir of life.
  2. A sovereign remedy; panacea; cure-all.
  3. The quintessence or absolute embodiment of anything.

– Macquarie Dictionary, 2003.

Welcome to Perfect Potion’s Pure Aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs; alchemical creations for heart and soul. These elixirs are the quintessence and embodiment of nature. They represent a desire to return to nature, authenticity, health and wellbeing and a more holistic way of living. Scent has the invisible power to penetrate our consciousness, to shift our awareness fully into the present moment whilst simultaneously touching us, moving us and transporting us to ethereal, hidden realms of memories and sensations.

Spritz Elixir of Vitality to evoke the sunny lemon groves of Sicily or breathe in the essence of Elixir of the Earth to discover the revitalising energy of mother earth. To encapsulate such magic and allow us to breathe in worlds of experiences in a single spritz, it takes a poetic, almost spiritual process.

In this blog, I discuss the creative perfume process. I describe how the art of perfumery is like combining colours on a pallet. Although blending essential oils is a fun, playful aspect of aromatherapy, it is also an art and science. Like any art, it requires a balance of practice, skill and imagination.

Creating these perfumes was not just about creating a mixture of pleasant smelling aromatics. It was about balancing the dualities of intellect and intuition, the conscious and unconscious, the conventional and unconventional, complexity and simplicity. A perfume must meet a number of technical requirements. It must be sufficiently strong, it must be diffusive. It must be persistent and it must retain its essential character throughout its period of evaporation. It must also be chemically stable as an end product. Below Sal demonstrates how his process maintains heart and avoids synthetics to keep the true essence of nature alive in your favourite perfume creations…

How to create your perfume

Define the objective of your perfume

Step one is to clearly define the objective of the perfume you are creating. The purpose of forming the objective is to identify the smell of the perfume before running off to the lab to start choosing raw materials. This is the most difficult part of the creative process and requires the greatest discipline. Anything less than 50 words is insufficient.

Select your essential oils

Basic essential oils: The first group of oils are the subject – the noun that forms the main theme of the objective and will be reflected in the title.

Modifier essential oils: The second group of oils are the adjectives. Modifier oils are defined as those oils that smell different from the subject (the basic essential oils). Modifiers will add the style, character, naturalness, freshness or diffusion to the perfume.

Blender essential oils: The third group of oils are the blenders. These are the conjunctions; the words that connect the nouns and aid the flow of words. When two materials of different odour notes are blended there should be a harmonious transition from one note to another. This is the job of the blenders, whose role it is to smooth over or bridge the differences.

Fixative essential oils: Fixatives are the materials that form the prepositions and their objects in the sentence. Fixatives are materials that fix the fragrance or note in time or place. Fixatives in perfumery are often described by default as the materials that make a perfume last longer. Dowthwaite states a far better way to think of a fixative is as a material that provides the setting for the perfume – materials that complete it, that make it perfect and whole. They generally have a lower impact on the blend.  In term of odours, they will ideally be materials that display some of the characteristics of the basics and modifiers and have the desired dry out of the perfume.

The blending process

Make sure you add drops from a standardised dropper or pipettes.

Step 1: Form the basic structure or the heart

In this step, you select only two or three materials from the list of ingredients. If you are not sure where to start, mix equal proportions, smell and evaluate the combination. It should be apparent if one of the ingredients is incorrect, over- or under-dosed, and then simply replace, increase or decrease each component until the required effect is obtained. This basic mixture may form an accord in which synergy or harmony exists.

Dowthwaite warns against adding too many materials too soon as it will make it difficult to track future problems such as lack of diffusion or disharmonies.2

Step 2: Modifying step – decorating the basic structure

In this step, choose just one material from the list of modifiers. It is best to start with modifiers in order of importance, which may well be in the order in which they occur in the written objective. The perfumer must choose one material for fresh, one for clean etc. As modifiers tend to be the highest impact materials, they should be added drop by drop until the required effect is achieved. Perfumers should smell each addition before moving on to the next modifying material and must start again in the case of an overdose. Each sample should be labelled and kept for reference. If appropriate, the perfumer should rearrange the order of adding the modifiers. It is imperative to take notes at each step so that you can learn from each step.2

Step three: Blending step – harmonise the composition

You should choose one material from your blender list. Add blenders drop by drop and mix and smell until the required smoothing effect is obtained. For example, lavender has a fresh note that goes well with citrus, green or herbal notes. It has a floral and slightly woody background which means that it acts as a bridge between fresh top notes and the floral heart of many perfumes.2

Step four: Fixation step – adding background and depth

The perfumer should now pick one or two fixatives. Although fixatives are usually base notes they will be present throughout the life of the perfume. They add depth to the composition, transforming a flat two-dimensional smell to a perfume with a third dimension. Fixatives should be added to the blend drop by drop, then mixed and smelled until the required effect is achieved. If you overdose your blend with fixative it may cause the blend to become flat and lifeless.2

Elixir of the Earth

Sal explains how he used this process to create Elixir of the Earth


Elixir of the Earth epitomises the scent of vetiver – the scent of mother earth. The scent of vetiver is very complex – it has a heavy, earthy, spicy, musty, smoky and woody aroma. I find the scent of vetiver nurturing, nourishing and revitalising. At the same time, it is mysterious and grounding. The scent of Elixir of the Earth has to reconnect us to the vitality of mother earth.

Select your essential oils

Basic essential oils

The heart and soul of Elixir of the Earth is vetiver. To enhance the earthy notes of vetiver I added buddha wood, carrot seed and patchouli.

Modifier essential oils

To enhance the natural earthiness of vetiver I added galbanum which provides a delightful green note. The herbaceous floral note of clary sage enhances the mystery and intrigue, while a dash of ginger and clove bud provide a delicate warm and spicy note. To this, I added rose absolute which further enhances the warm and nurturing qualities of this blend – but not too much!

Blender essential oils

While bergamot, lemon and sweet orange are often added as top notes, in this case, they are used as blenders. This means that they provide balance and harmony to the rich earthy aromas used in this blend. A dash of lavender provides further harmony and balance to this blend.

Fixative essential oils

You could say that vetiver is the perfect fixative on its own; however, I decided to add some amyris, Santalum spicatum and benzoin which helps Elixir of the Earth to last longer without impacting too much on the overall aroma of the perfume.

Remember, as highlighted by Mandy Aftel, who gives us some excellent advice in her book Fragrant in the chapter entitled – The zen of perfume making; it is important to have an orderly system as the narcotic sensual influence of smelling essential oils can make it difficult for you to keep track of what you are doing. Here are the principles that she follows:3

  • the entire process should be beautiful
  • adhere to a strict budget
  • write down everything you do while you are blending
  • experience the perfume on the skin. (However, I always suggest giving the final perfume some time to rest for up to 48 hours before applying to the skin!)
  • plan on failing and redoing
  • be real – let go (sometimes a blend will just not work out)
  • spend money to create something good
  • creating perfume mirrors life

Want to learn more about the blending process? Join Sal on the 6th of April in Adelaide for his Blending Masterclass! Suitable for anyone with a passion for essential oils and aromatherapy. Click here to learn more about the incredible knowledge and skills this masterclass.


  1. Jellinek S, Calkin R. Perfumery – Practice and Principles. John Wiley & Sons, USA, 1994.
  2. Dowthwaite S. The grammar of perfumery.Perfumer & Flavorist. October 2004; 29:76-87.
  3. Aftel M. Fragrant – the secret life of scent. Riverhead Books, New York, 2014.


The Perfect Way to Store Your Essential Oils

 New Handcrafted Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

Nothing but the best to store your pure Perfect Potion essential oils…

Imagine how lovely your essential oil collection will look in this beautifully handcrafted wooden essential oil storage box.

Quality, sustainability and supporting locals are values we hold close to our heart. That’s why we have been searching for the perfect essential oil storage box for such a long time! The standard was high! We had to ensure we had the perfect craftsperson who was passionate not only about an extremely high level of quality and aesthetics but was also conscious of the importance of sustainability. These precious boxes are the result of our search. Beautifully handcrafted by a local Queensland craftsperson, they are made from sustainably sourced silky oak. We are mesmerised by both their beauty and the integrity and attention to detail with which they’ve been so elegantly crafted.

What are the features?

These gorgeous, finely crafted boxes hold 25 pure essential oils and also feature extra storage space for carrier oils, pipettes etc. They feature a box joint for superiority when it comes to strength because of the greater surface area for the glue to bond to when the joint is closed. This greatly increases the longevity of the box! The beautiful latch is designed so that a small lock can be looped through if desired. The boxes also features a custom hinge that keeps the lid open at a 90-degree angle.

These boxes truly are the perfect way to store, protect and display your beautiful collection of oils in a way that is environmentally sound.

Pure Aromatherapy Perfume Guide

NEW Pure Aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs now available.

Welcome to Perfect Potion’s pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs. They are the quintessence and embodiment of nature; awakening your imagination; enhancing your wellbeing; allowing you to express your personality; and arousing your emotions, feelings and passion.

Download your Pure Aromatherapy Perfume Booklet here and discover the beauty of natural elixirs.

Who is the Green Goddess?

Who is the Green Goddess?

You might have heard us talk a lot about the ‘Green Goddess/God’. But have you ever wondered who the Green Goddess/God truly is?

The Green Goddess is on a journey of self-discovery. We believe there is a Green Goddess/God in all of us!

When you embody the essence of a Green Goddess/God you embody positivity, thoughtfulness, empathy and creativity. You strive to be more socially and environmentally aware. Our Green Goddess/God essence encourages us to lead a life nurtured by nature and our respect for the delicate balance of the environment deepens.

It inspires passion within us to support sustainability and cruelty-free living. When we live in harmony with our inner Green Goddess/God we feel inspired.

Whether it’s through sourcing the highest quality certified natural and organic ingredients, or through our certification with Choose Cruelty Free, at Perfect Potion, we strive to consistently live by the Green Goddess/God qualities.

Our commitment to living lightly on the planet is reflected in our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic and ensure sustainable packaging and through the incorporation of recycled timber and natural building elements in our stores. Complete with sustainable, energy efficient technologies, our Brisbane-based head office also beautifully reflects our nature-loving ethos!

Not only do we embody the green goddess philosophy in the processes and delivery of our products – we have gone the extra step by dedicating a range of products dedicated to awakening and embracing the Green Goddess within. This range epitomises the spirit of all Green Goddesses. It nurtures and comforts, promotes self-awareness, wellbeing and encourage connection with the beauty of nature.

The Story Behind Green Goddess Blend

The Story Behind Green Goddess Blend

In 2011, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Perfect Potion, Sal dreamed of doing the incredible – of creating the ‘perfect’ Perfect Potion signature scent. He wanted to create a blend that epitomised the essence of Perfect Potion and of our customer – the Green Goddess. From Eros to Happy and Calm, Sal had plenty of aromatherapy blending experience, but the task of creating the Green Goddess Blend ignited waves of nerves and hesitancy.

He decided to ask the Perfect Potion team for help and began a team competition. The brief given? To create a blend that represents the heart of Perfect Potion!It is incredible what happens when so much love is poured into a single blend. Over 39 entries flooded in. Each filled with mesmerising beauty and potential. After analysing and testing the blends, it became clear that picking just one would be impossible! It was in the middle of the night when Sal decided to merge all the entries together. The Green Goddess Blend became a fusion of all the essential oils chosen by each team member, creating a blend that was truly a team effort!

Green Goddess Blend captured the spirit of all green goddesses and the Perfect Potion team. The synergy of pure essential oils encourages you to appreciate the essence of nature, it nurtures, comforts, and promotes self-awareness and wellbeing. Originally designed as a limited edition blend, Green Goddess became so well loved, that we had to make it part of our permanent range. Since its launch, the blend has been incorporated into a luxurious body wash, body lotion and gorgeous, heart-warming perfume.

The Star Ingredients Behind our Nourish Range

Cherish your skin, nourish your soul.

Make the act of moisturising about more than just preventing winter skin woes– let it become a sacred time for Nourishing body, mind and soul.


Why Nourish Range should be part of your moisturising routine…

Nourish Double Cream, Hand Cream and Lip Balm are some of our richest, most luxurious skin lovers. Nourish is designed to help with all your winter skin woes – cracked lips, dry hands, parched skin. The range also features a beautiful array of uplifting essential oils to turn your top-to-toe moisturising routine into a sacred ritual of love, mindfulness and nourishment.

The star ingredients and how they benefit you…

Apricot Kernel Oil: Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are valued for their ability to soften, smooth and revitalise. This skin softener also boasts high levels of vitamin E to enhance your skin’s elasticity, clarity and suppleness.

Nabali Olive Oil: Olive oil has been adored for generations as a deeply healing moisturiser with powerful regenerative abilities. If your skin gets dry and scaly in winter, turn to nabali olive oil for incredible smoothness and softness.

Avocado Oil: Avocado oil is an absolute winter skin saviour! It’s thick enough to provide your skin with a protective barrier, but its nutrients still penetrate your skin’s deepest layers. It contains powerful levels of antioxidants, in particular vitamins E and C, which neutralise free radicals and gift glowing radiance.  Avocado oil also contains sterolins – a natural steroid said to soften and hydrate the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth to the touch.

Shea Butter: Extracted from the nut of the mystical African shea tree, luscious and dreamily indulgent shea butter is an unparalleled moisture-boosting miracle! It leaves skin supple, soft and protected against dryness and the elements. Shea butter also possesses potent antioxidant compounds to help fight free radical damage, slow the signs of aging and improve the overall radiance of your skin.

Rosehip Oil: This healing oil is like a supercharged, antioxidant-packed, multivitamin for your skin! Rosehip oil is overflowing with replenishing essential fatty acids to soften, hydrate, regenerate and improve the condition of dry and damaged skin.

Sage Essential Oil: Sage essential oil is reputed to be highly regenerative in skin care. It’s known for its wealth of stimulating, softening and healing properties.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Regenerative and healing, frankincense essential oil is a deeply spiritual and sacred oil that is also said to improve skin tone and help heal wounds.

Petitgrain Essential Oil: The sweet floral scent of petitgrain revitalises the spirit, it’s reminiscent of orange blossoms and is known to have a beautifully balancing effect on one’s mood.

Sweet Orange: Certified organic sweet orange essential oil opens the heart to a bubbling spring of pure joy, light heartedness and radiating warmth. It’s suitable for delicate skin and its cheery scent brings delight and a hint of deliciousness.




Create Your Own Aromatherapy Diffuser Blend

Sal prepared three aromatherapy diffuser blend recipes for you to try…

Positive Vibe Blend

1 drop Lemon Myrtle
2 drops Sweet Orange
2 drops Bergamot

Space Cleansing Blend

2 drops Lemon
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Fragonia
1 drop Juniper Berry

Calming Blend

2 drops Lavender
1 drop Ylang Ylang
2 drops Sweet Orange


Fill your aromatherapy diffuser with water and add 5 drops of essential oil.

Return to the aromatherapy blending and essential oil safety page.

Create Your Own Massage Oil

Sal prepared three body massage oil recipes for you to try…

Aching Body Massage Oil

5 drops Black Pepper
20 drops Kunzea
10 drops Rosemary
10 drops Ginger
100mL Sweet Almond Oil

Love Potion Body Massage Oil

20 drops Ylang Ylang
10 drops Patchouli
20 drops Bergamot
10 drops Ginger
100mL Sweet Almond Oil

Tranquility Body Massage Oil

20 drops Lavender
20 drops Sweet Orange
10 drops Geranium
10 drops Ginger
100mL Sweet Almond Oil


Combine 50 drops of essential oil with 100mL sweet almond oil in a 100mL glass bottle.

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