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A Simple Guide to Serums

Are serums sitting on a pedestal in your skincare cabinet? Or are you a member of the ‘wondering what a serum is and why you need one’ club?

While cleansers, toners and moisturisers form the foundation of a quality skincare ritual, serums are fast-catching up with them as the new must-have for a radiant complexion. Serums are currently boasting royal status in the skincare world. Their potent, complexion-enhancing powers have earned them a flower crown-worthy reputation. But rest assured they are worth the hype! Although they are still less famous than their foundational counterparts, their ability to help you reach your skincare goals make them worth exploring. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about these potent skin-lovers.

So, What is a Serum?

Serums are fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich skin treatments. They feature a concentrated dose of botanical actives made up of tiny molecules. What’s the benefit of tiny molecules? Their size allows them to easily penetrate the outer layer of your complexion and move much deeper into your skin to than many other skincare products. This ability to deliver intensive doses of active ingredients deep into your skin makes serums perfect for targeting specific skin concerns!

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Depending on their ingredients, serums can offer you a wide range of skin-enhancing benefits, including:

  • Shielding your skin from the effects of pollution and environmental stressors
  • Preventing and treating dehydration
  • Skin brightening
  • Improving elasticity and tone
  • Smoothing, plumping, firming and refreshing
  • Supporting concerns like rosacea, sun damage, dehydration and acne
  • Evening skin tone
  • Neutralising free radical damage
  • Stimulating skincell turnover

How to Use Your Serum

Your serum can be worn day and night underneath your moisturiser after cleansing and toning. When applying use gentle, upward motions to massage into your face, neck and décolletage then press into your skin to aid absorption.

Inside Sharon Woods’ Meditation Space

“I was finding my head was always busy and I was getting overwhelmed easily”.

We recently sat down with our General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Sharon, to peer inside her daily meditation practice (featuring her puppy Archer) which she says she can’t imagine going a day without. We also got a sneak peek into her beautiful meditation space!

We’re curious, can you walk us through your journey with meditation?

I started meditating about 10 months ago and I have experienced an amazing difference. My practice differs depending on the time I have. I try to meditate first thing in the morning when I wake up, but if I miss it, I do it just before I go to bed. I try to spend 20 minutes with a guided meditation, but if I haven’t got the time, I will just do a shorter 10 minute one. I begin by lighting some incense or putting a drop of essential oil in my diffuser and breathe deeply. I finish with a short journaling session.

Why is a meditation practice important to you?

I, like many people, have a really busy life. I was finding my head was always busy and I was getting overwhelmed easily. I also recognised I didn’t have a lot of time for me. My time was spent giving out to everyone else. So I started doing an online meditation course, and I really enjoyed the practice and now I can’t imagine not doing it daily.

What are the must-haves that make your meditation space special?

I love my little space, it has my essential oils, my diffuser, a few candles, incense, and crystals. I also have some of my books about meditation and a book to record my journaling in, and of course a comfy seat!

What advice would you give to people struggling to start a meditation practice?

I am no expert, but my advice would be to just stick with it. Find an online course or some free guided meditations to start and then you can progress from there (or stay where you are – because that’s perfect too!) Just allow you some time for yourself and enjoy!

The Inspiration Behind Sacred Space Essential Oil Collection

By Salvatore Battaglia, Founder and Director of Perfect Potion

Sacred spaces are a place of refuge and quiet retreat. They offer renewal and a sanctuary for the senses and can be places where we escape the pressures of the day to heal and comfort and cultivate a sense of harmony and balance.

Essential oils evoke powerful emotions and often awaken long lost memories of our favourite sacred spaces. It is with this in mind that we have created our range of Sacred Space Essential Oil Blends. These blends are very personal and we will all interpret them differently. I like to think of them as “our little spirit guides that connect us with the sacred elements of nature and our inner nature”.

Sacred Journey

Helps us to find comfort and guidance on our journey of discovery of the sacred within.

Inspiration:I feel a strong connection with this country every time I smell Sacred Journey.  There are so many unique Australian oils in this blend.

Recommended for: Everyone who appreciates the sacred. Those who are learning to trust their gut feelings and intuition.  Those who need to harness the courage to follow their dreams.

Benefits: Harmony and deep inner confidence

Smell description: So gentle, yet revitalising and balancing. It is a complex blend of fresh citrus, floral and woody oils. This can only be achieved by creating a blend with 17 essential oils, many of which are unique to Australia.

Sacred Knowledge

Inspiration: The forest and woods.

Recommended for: Anyone who likes spending time in nature. This blend is for the individual who wishes to reconnect with the wisdom of their soul and nature itself. The conifers have an innate ability to allow us to tap into the mysteries of nature. 

Benefits: Awakens your innate wisdom and connects with the knowledge held deep within your soul.

Smell description: A complex aroma that is magical and mystical. Deep conifer notes of spruce have been enriched with sage and basil, while white frankincense and cedarwood provide a complex resiny, woody note that awakens our innate wisdom.  

Sacred Dreaming

Become aware of your dreams and the messages they bring from your subconscious.

Carl Jung once said – The dream is a hidden door to the inner most recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night … all consciousness separates, but in dreams we put on the likeness of that more universal, truer, more eternal man dwelling in the darkness of that eternal night.

Jung did not believe that dreams needed to be interpreted for them to perform their function. Instead, he suggested that the role of dreams is to integrate our conscious and unconscious lives. He referred to this as the process of individuation. Individuation can be thought of as the mind’s quest for wholeness.

Inspiration: The power and meaning of dreams.  

Recommended for/Benefits: Allows us to escape into our subconscious and trust our dreams.

Smell description: Sweet, soothing and comforting. A balance of oils such as rosemary and peppermint delicately balanced with soothing oils such as vetiver, lavender, sandalwood and patchouli make this blend revitalizing, nurturing and balancing.  

Sacred Temple

Inspiration: Inspired by the soul of Japanese temples, this blend will help you to see the sacredness in all things. I have always wanted to make a blend with oakmoss – it has been described as an oil that encourages us to tap into the richness of the universe.

Recommended for/ Benefits: Those who appreciate the mystery of life. It helps us see the sacred in all things.

Smell description: This is such a delightful complex blend – exotic, spicy, mossy with rich woody and earthy notes. It has the warmth and spiciness of ginger, the refreshing scent of pine and hinoki and the excitement of bergamot and grapefruit. The heart and soul of this blend is oakmoss absolute.  

5 Ways to Use Your Essential Oils

Harness the power of essential oils…

Essential oil alchemy is a fun, simple way to practice self-care and creativity. Fortunately, there are many beautiful ways to use essential oils to transform your home into a sanctuary and improve your general wellbeing. From the simplicity of a few drops on a handkerchief to the sensual indulgence of an aromatic bath, here’s a list of just some of the ways you can immerse in the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils…

1. Inhalation


One of the easiest ways to inhale essential oils is to simply place 10 drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale the aroma as required! Place the handkerchief next to your pillow at night, carry it in your handbag or keep in your office drawer for an instant aromatherapy uplift or wave of calm.


Using a diffuser can help create the ideal atmosphere in your home or workplace! Remember to always follow the instructions of your specific diffuser carefully for optimal performance. Ultrasonic diffusers are ideal as no heating element is used so that the complex chemical constituents of the oils are protected. They work on high frequencies that work to disperse a very fine essential oil-infused mist into the air.

Steam inhalation

Another way to enjoy the benefits of essentials oils (a way that is particularly good for of clearing stuffy head colds) is by breathing the essential oils in via steam inhalation. Add about 10 drops of essential oil to 100mls of hot water in a basin. It is best to place a towel over your head and the basin to capture the maximum steam. Breathe deep and enjoy the benefits.

2. Bath

Essential oils truly elevate your bathing experience to a level of luxury and ultimate therapeutic benefit.

To make an aromatherapy bath blend begin with 10-15 drops of Essential Oil Solubiliser. Add 5 drops of essential oil or a blend you have previously concocted.

Add this bath blend to your warm bath and disperse vigorously or run under the running water to disperse thoroughly and enjoy the bliss.

By using a solubiliser you ensure that the essential oil disperses and dissolves in the water properly. Foot or hand baths may also be prepared by adding the bath blend to a bowl of warm water.

Enjoy approximately 15 minutes soaking in the fragrant bath, taking deep inhalations of the pleasant aromas to soothe your mind and nervous system, while your skin absorbs the natural healing oils.

3. Massage

Essential oils are concentrated and are rarely massaged onto the skin without first diluting. A cold-pressed vegetable oil such as apricot kernel, almond or wheat germ oil is used as a base and is referred to as the carrier oil. The standard ratio of essential oils to carrier oil to use is as follows:

Whatever the quantity of carrier oils in ml is, half that number and that is the number of drops of essential oil you add. For example, you add 50 drops to 100ml of base oil or 5 drops to every 10ml of base oil.

4. Compress

A compress is water and essential oils/herbs applied externally to the body with a cloth. Compresses can be hot or cold, depending on the condition. A hot compress should be as hot as tolerable and a cold compress should have ice in it.

Hot compresses are very useful for the relief of rheumatic and muscular aches and pain, relief of headaches, relief of menstrual cramping and for drawing out boils. Alternating warm and cold compresses may be used to help speed healing in pulled muscles, sprained ligaments and bruises.

Use 5 drops of essential oil in 200ml of water. Place a cloth, un-medicated gauze or cotton wool into the water, wring out and then cover the area being treated. Place a plastic wrap around the compress and then a towel or blanket on top. Leave the compress on for several hours.

5. Get Creative

Essential oils can also be added to DIY perfumes, cleaning products, balms, face, body and hair care preparations!

*Using Essential Oils with Care

It is important to point out that because essential oils are natural substances it does not automatically mean that they are safe. A number of hazards do exist and users of essential oils are most likely to do harm through ignorance of these hazards. As long as the following guidelines are observed aromatherapy will be considered safe:

  • Do not apply the pure essential oil directly onto the skin or take internally unless advised by a qualified practitioner.
  • Never exceed the recommended dosages.
  • Do not use the same oil all the time. For maximum benefit, use a blend of oils or alternate the essential oils from week to week.
  • Use less than the recommended dilution when making massage oil blends for children and people with sensitive skin. Use only a 1% dilution, i.e. 2 drops to every 10 ml of carrier oil.

The following can be used as a guide to the possible contra-indications that may occur when using essential oils:


Many aromatherapists consider it sensible to avoid the use of the following oils during pregnancy – aniseed, myrtle, basil, clary sage, sweet and bitter fennel, hyssop, juniper berry, sweet marjoram, myrrh, rosemary, sage.

High blood pressure

Many aromatherapists consider it sensible to avoid the use of the following oils for anyone with hypertension – hyssop, rosemary, thyme, Dalmatian sage.


The following oils may cause the skin to burn when exposed to strong ultra-violet light from sunlight or from a sunbed – angelica root, bergamot, grapefruit, cold-pressed lime, lemon.

Skin irritation

The following oils may cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skin. Sensitivity varies from person to person and from oil to oil – cinnamon, clove bud, melissa, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, lemon verbena, oregano, savory, tea tree, red thyme.

5 Steps to Balanced Chakras

Health is often equated with eating well, meditation and exercise. But have you ever considered the health of your subtle body?

Ancient esoterics have long said it, and now quantum physicists agree. You are made of energy. Everything around you is made of energy. This subtle energy might express itself as a desk, diffuser or human being, but nonetheless, it is all subtle, vibrating energy. According to energy healing expert, Barbara Ann Brennan, subtle energy is what underpins and informs our physical body. It is a matrix for cellular growth. It is what is there before your cells develop. So if you want true, holistic wellness, you need a healthy template! This is where subtle energy healing modalities like chakra healing and aromatherapy can be helpful. To learn more about what the chakras are, click here. Read on to discover your charka healing ritual…

Your Chakra Balancing Ritual
This ritual will cleanse your chakras and reconnect you to your individual resonance. Regular me-time cements an inner foundation that will support you in your day to day life.

What you will need

The Steps

  1. Set the scene

Gather all you need from the list above. Remember, this is your time and you want to make the most of it. Look at how you can enhance the atmosphere to make it conducive to total bliss. Light some soy candles, play soothing music, switch on a salt lamp and be sure to grab some cushions and blankets. Lay the relevant crystals (see chart below), essential oils and chakra balancing potions near where you will be sitting for your ritual.

  1. Create your intention

Get clear on your intention for this ritual. What do you want to achieve? How would you like to feel? Try an affirmation, prayer or incantation. Think of it as plugging a destination into your GPS. It will make your journey smoother and more seamless. Spritz Chakra Balancing Mist around your space whilst repeating your chosen intention.

  1. Centre Yourself

Find a comfortable seated position, supported by the comfort of cushions and blankets. Take a pea-sized amount of Chakra Balancing Balm. Massage it rhythmically into your temples, shoulders and behind your ears. Feel tension melting. Breathe slowly and easily. Eyes closed. Now imagine a vacuum energy moving its way around your body absorbing all energies that no longer serve you. Once complete, see a luminescent white light entering through the crown of your head. Watch as this healing white light floods your entire body until you are completely immersed. Bathe in this healing light as long as needed until moving onto the next step.

  1. Cleanse and Charge Your Chakras

Hold your base chakra crystal in your left hand and Balance Blend (cap off) in your right hand. Hold it under your nose so that you can smell the aroma. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and easily. Soften and relax your body. Visualise a glowing red gem at the location of your base chakra spinning in an anticlockwise direction. The spinning draws out any dark spots or heaviness. Continue visualising the slow spinning until you feel your chakra is completely clear. Now to charge your base chakra, imagine breathing in the colour red from the tips of your toes up to the crown of your head. Let it fill your entire body and expand out until your entire being is cocooned in an aura of vibrant red light. Repeat the affirmation “I am grounded” silently. Bathe in the red light as long as you need. Move through this process for each chakra using the relevant chakra location, colour, crystal, affirmation and aromatherapy blend for each.

  1. Sip for serenity

Once your chakra cleansing and charging ritual is complete, seal it off with a pot of Chakra Balancing Herbal Tea. Sip slowly and move through your day in balance and bliss.


How Chakra Healing Transformed My Life

“Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing.”

How the Chakra System Helped Sharon Bolt Heal.

– An interview with Shaman and Chakra Warrior, Sharon Bolt

You have probably heard of the 7 key bright, concentrated spirals or ‘wheels’ of energy known as chakras and understand how they work, but for Shaman and civil war survivor, Sharon Bolt, working with the chakras was life-changing. In this interview, Sharon shares her personal experiences with the benefits of energy healing. She also lets us in on how she keeps her chakras balanced.

Perfect Potion: We know what makes you so amazing, but could you share with our readers a bit about who you are and what you do?

Sharon: I am a curious consciousness explorer and lover of nature, plant spirits, esoteric practices and ceremony.  I am also a multi-disciplinary therapist (kinesiology, hypnotherapy, family constellations, shamanic clearing, chi kung) and I also train and mentor other facilitators and teachers in shamanic space holding and ceremonial protocol. I am an avid researcher and love learning! I have been studying nonstop for the last 16 years.  A full list of the courses I’ve undertaken are here. However, it’s the ‘non-official’ experiential training that has proven my greatest teacher!  I was an apprentice to a Taoist Master for 2 years, this required me living with my Taoist Master and maintaining a rigorous training routine as well as “chopping wood and carrying water”.  I have also traveled across the UK and to Peru, Bali and the Australian desert to learn from local medicine men and women.  I have worked with witches, magicians, Druids and esoteric practitioners.  I believe the best way to learn is by working one on one with masters of their craft.  My partner and I have combined all our learning into a unique training system that encompasses ancient wisdom, esoteric teachings, animism, shamanic practice, and Qi Gong into a unique system.  We call this Shamanic Energy Training.

Perfect Potion: In addition to your reputation as an incredible Shamanic Energy Trainer; you’re known as a bit of chakra goddess here in Australia, what was your first exposure to the world of the chakras?

Sharon: My Taoist master introduced me to the Dan Tien system first and then the chakra system.  My chi kung training focused on developing a strong lower Dan Tien in order to remain grounded during spiritual work.

Perfect Potion: There are so many descriptions of the chakra system. Could you explain it from your perspective for those who may not be familiar with it?

Sharon: Our view of the chakra system keeps evolving. For now, they appear to be the energetic interface that enables our endocrine glands and spine to interact with the universal energy field.  It is also the energetic template that stores our karmic and life experiences. You can think of the Chakras as the ‘organs’ of your body’s energy system, where every aspect of health is connected to one or more chakra.

Energy flows in and out of our bodies in a never-ending exchange with the universal energy field. Each of the seven major chakras acts as a conduit for a particular form of energy, assimilating and distributing it to specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions.

The chakras are vitally important to the growth of the soul, as they contain the energetic mechanisms that enable us to reconnect to our divine nature and the completion of our soul’s Journey. Each of us has all of our life lessons and developmental stages within us, simultaneously making demands and providing perspective, insight, and wisdom. These are all stored in our chakras and energy system.

As we grow and evolve, we go through discernible stages of understanding and development, which are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.

Imbalances in our energy centres tend to manifest as unhealthy behaviours, character traits or disease. Any limitation or challenge that you experience in life can also be recognised as an imbalance in the associated chakra.

Perfect Potion: Was there a time in your own life when you knew one chakra, in particular, was significantly out of balance?

Sharon: Absolutely! Due to a civil war, I had to leave my birth country Nicaragua at age 8… we then moved yearly between many countries.  My root chakra was seriously out for a long time! I had no grounding, sense of belonging and community.

The root chakra enables us to energetically connect to Mother Earth.  This bond is the foundation of our relationship with the divine feminine. It also contains the lessons that enable us to develop trust of ourselves and others, autonomy and initiative.

If we are able to feel safe, loved, and nurtured in our early years (which is not possible in war), then these qualities are more difficult to develop – we tend to not trust ourselves or others, feel fearful or shameful about our desire to explore our environment, instead of a sense of adventure; and since we are not able to develop a healthy sense of self, which enables us to initiate activities, express our creativity and embrace responsibility; we tend to then experience a lot of punishment and guilt for our attempts at independent activity.

I had to do a lot of chi kung work to get my root chakra back on track. This didn’t happen until my late 20s.

Self-trust is developed through the validation our parents give to our feelings and responses to life, letting us know that those feelings and responses are real and understandable. To balance and heal the first chakra we need to address a number of issues to do with birth trauma; trusting others and ourselves; our relationship with our bodies and nature, and our connection to the divine feminine.

Perfect Potion: What have you gained from working with the chakras?

Sharon: As an energy worker and therapist, it is imperative to be familiar with my chakra system so that I do my best to maintain a balanced energy field for my life and my work.  Working with the chakras has enabled me to get to know myself deeply but also to find out which wounds still need healing, keep a close eye on the state of my energy system in terms on cleanliness and care.  Negative entities and thought forms tend to take over people’s chakras.  We regularly cleanse ours for that reason. It’s important to note that chakra work is essential for everyone!  It opens doors to a greater understanding of who you are energetically and provides an ongoing feedback loop to how you can improve your energetic condition.

Perfect Potion: Do you have any favourite ways to balance your charkas?

Sharon: Energy therapies, chi kung, meditation and working with vibrational medicine – essential oils of course! Flower essences, herbal tinctures, crystals, sound eg tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, affirmations etc.  I find out what each chakra needs for balancing by pendulum dowsing what is right for that chakra.  This has proven very accurate and beneficial and I teach people how to work with the pendulum in a sovereign and grounded way.

Perfect Potion: You mentioned essential oils, we have to ask, do you have a favourite Perfect Potion chakra product or favourite way to use Perfect Potion chakra products in a little ritual or in your workshops?

Sharon: Yes! I love the Perfect Potion Chakra Essential Oils Kit and we work with them in our workshops. We give participants a few drops of the relevant chakra oil we are working with before class to comb over their energy fields, we also use a diffuser with the chakra oils.  It’s my favourite Perfect Potion kit as I use it with clients all the time. We incorporate essential oils into all the work that we do.

Learn more about Sharon here.

Discover our Chakra Range here.

Get to Know Aromatherapist and Wellness Extraordinaire Jennifer Jefferies

We sat down with one of Australia’s most respected authors and speakers in the health and wellbeing world, Jennifer Jefferies! Jennifer is a self-titled psychedelic hippie committed to leaving the world a better state. She is a philanthropist who loves breaking new ground. After burning out in her twenties, Jen reinvented herself as a naturopath and aromatherapist specialising in getting people out of survival mode and preventing burnout in the workplace. She has published 14 books including the #1 book on Intuitive Aromatherapy in the world. In this interview, Jennifer shares with you her personal empowerment story and why she thinks International Women’s Day is so important…

Perfect Potion: To start, can you tell us a little about yourself and your ‘personal why’ in life?

Jennifer Jefferies: I am a corporate hippie who is driven to leave the world a better place.  My proudest achievement in life is… Four years ago I set up where I help kids in poverty to have a better life and hope through education. We currently have 57 kids in our care in Thailand and our first ones completing apprenticeships in April. These are kids who would never be in school without our help.

Perfect Potion: What led you to become involved in the kind of work you do? Was it something that was always on the cards for you?  

Jennifer Jefferies: I joined the regular army at 17 as a driver instructor and after a three-year stint there I entered the pharmacy industry. It was the 1980s. Greed is good and all of that and I came into natural therapies after burning out in the pharmacy industry. I studied naturopathy and then aromatherapy with Salvatore Battaglia and did ten years in clinic and then was very frustrated not being able to help as many people as I wanted to; being limited by seeing 40-50 patients a week. So I brain dumped what I was telling my patients and that became 14 books over the years. For the last 17 years, I have traveled the world speaking on preventing burnout in the workplace and also aromatherapy.

Perfect Potion:  What does empowerment mean to you? Particularly in terms of female empowerment?

Jennifer Jefferies: I take a stand for helping women to find and use their voices. I grew up in the generation where girls are “seen and not heard”. I get excited seeing the young women today who have not had that and they are so assertive and feel empowered to be strong in themselves. To me, empowerment is simply being able to bring all of you to this lifetime.  Holding nothing back and feeling safe to do so.

Perfect Potion: Why do you feel International Women’s Day is important?

Jennifer Jefferies: We need to show younger women what is possible in life. For me, as a child Wonder Woman was my role model. I never had a role model in the women who were in my family. I want all women to have positive role models in life. I am deeply passionate about having other women understand the role of women over the years; particularly the Suffragettes. We would never have had what we do today without their pure courage.

Perfect Potion:  Who is your number one female icon?

Jennifer Jefferies: Wonder Woman all the way AND the Suffragettes

Perfect Potion:  Do you have a favourite quote about female empowerment?

Jennifer Jefferies: The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world. I am like a snowball – the further I am rolled the more I gain. Susan B Anthony (Suffragette)

Perfect Potion: You’re one of the key presenters at our Aromatherapy and the Feminine Spirit International Women’s Day Masterclass, can you share a little bit about what people can expect from your presentation?

Jennifer Jefferies: We are emotional beings and using essential oils just for physical uses means we miss out on so much of their talents. I love sharing how and why essential oils help us tap into our natural instincts to really use essential oils to their full potential

Perfect Potion: You’re the creator of the INCREDIBLE and much-loved Aromatherapy Insight Cards, can you tell us a little bit about them?  

Jennifer Jefferies: The Insight cards came about through dealing with patients in clinic where I found in consultation they were unable to express what stress was influencing their health. They were so in it they could not see it. So I wanted a tool to help access what was going on for them emotionally. So I worked with Intuitive artist Karen Osborn to create the Insight system that has been taught all around the world for the last 19 years.

Perfect Potion: You’ve spoken before about the value in living the role of the ‘crone’, can you share a bit about this with us?

Jennifer Jefferies: When my mum was turning 50, I sent her a card saying congrats on being the Crone and she was mortified. She felt I meant, as most western people think, a silly old woman. I do lots of work in Asia and the post-menopausal woman “crone” is highly revered and respected. That’s lost in our western culture and we don’t value the incredible life experience of our wise women. I am passionate about redefining what it is to be a post-menopausal woman in the western world. For me, at 57, I feel like I am just starting the coolest part of my life. I want other women to stand proud in their “wise woman” time of life.

Perfect Potion:  And of course, we have to ask… what’s your favourite Perfect Potion product or favourite essential oil?  

Jennifer Jefferies: Eros and Earth Essential Oil Blend

5 Ways to Make Your Pure Aromatherapy Elixir Last Longer

Obsessed with the luxurious and addictive scent of your Pure Aromatherapy Elixir? Here are 5 tips on how to make your favourite elixirs last longer.

1. Store your perfume properly

If you want your fragrance to last longer, avoid storing it in damp, warm locations or in direct sunlight. It’s said that heat, light, and humidity break down and decrease the quality of the perfume. Try storing them in cool, dry spots away from natural light instead.

2. Apply after showering

When your perfume is applied is a secret to creating that oh-so-divine lingering effect! According to the experts, clean, damp and hydrated skin actually helps lock in scent for longer by giving the smell ‘something to hold on to’. For optimum staying power, try spritzing your perfume on after you’ve stepped out of your shower while your skin is still slightly damp to touch.

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

As mentioned in tip two, moisturised and hydrated skin is key when it comes to making scent stay! Fragrance molecules actually bind to the oils on your skin. So whilst showering will help hydrate, priming your skin with a moisturiser (or Body Wash or Aftersun Rescue Gel applied to pulse points) first, will give your fragrance a superior surface to bind to. The result? It will last longer than if you were to spray it onto dry or un-moisturised skin. The concept is much like how primers create a base for foundation. Tip: opt for an unscented body lotion/moisturiser to avoid a scent clash! Or as mentioned before, add After Sun Rescue Gel strategically to your pulse points and layer the perfume on top of that. Being a humectant, it will help hold the fragrance to the skin. Another option? Dive into layering for a more intense signature scent. Use a synergistic Body Wash and Body Lotion for fragrance layering.

4. Apply strategically

The best places to apply perfume are the pulse points of your body (wrists, neck inside of elbows, behind the ears, base of the throat, behind the knees etc). These are places where your blood vessels are closest to the skin and are therefore warmer parts of your body. The warmth helps emanate the fragrance across your entire body, enhancing its sillage. Another quick tip… Spraying fragrance directly onto the hair can dry it out. Instead, spritz the scent through your hairbrush before running it through your hair to lightly scent it.

5. Avoid rubbing your wrists together

Contrary to popular belief, rubbing your wrists together after spritzing with fragrance is actually one of the quickest ways to hinder fragrance longevity! The friction caused by rubbing actually crushes the top notes of the perfume.

There you have it, 5 ways to keep that luscious scent lingering longer! Discover our range of pure aromatherapy perfumes here and apply these tips to carry the scent of the most divine certified natural and organic aromatics wherever you go!



Your Self Love and Rose Infused Ritual

Craving a replenished, supple complexion? Then this ritual is your skincare fairy godmother! Whether you have a decadent date in mind or are spending Valentine’s Day with the most important person in your life (you!), this self-love and rose-infused facial will fulfill all your skin wishes. Use it to treat your complexion to luxury and leave your soul feeling nourished. Get ready to turn your attention inward and indulge in time dedicated to soul love, self-care and replenishment…

Here’s your self-love infused facial at home, inspired by rose, the symbol of love, and Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation…

1. Set the Scene

Assemble everything you need first to set the scene. This will help your pamper session flow seamlessly and keep you floating through your ritual in bliss. To create the perfect ambiance, allow spa-inspired music to play softly in the background, light some soy candles and diffuse a soul-hugging essential oil blend. Free your face from your hair with a ribbon, towel or headband. Spend a few moments with your eyes closed, slowly and deeply breathing in the essential oils to transport your senses into a dimension of love and peace.

2. Ritualistic Skin and Soul Cleanse

Remove makeup and wash away the effects of the day with a slow, mindful cleanse. For this step, we suggest Replenish Cleansing Milk for its abundance of self-love promoting rose essential oil (or use the cleanser best suited to your skin type). To begin, gently press your face with a warm, damp cloth. Using clean hands, slowly massage a small amount of cleanser over your face and neck using gentle, upward circular motions to enhance circulation. Take your time to remove your cleanser using a damp cleansing sponge or cloth. As you wash your cleanser away, visualise removing not only the cleanser and skin impurities, but also washing away any traces of self-limiting beliefs.

3. Fragrant Facial Compress

Elevate your cleansing ritual with a fragrant facial compress. An effective compress is said to improve circulation, soften your pores, aid deep cleansing and impart a luscious glow to your complexion. Fill a small bowl, or your bathroom basin, with 200ml of warm water and 3 drops of rose essential oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Agitate the water to disperse, then dip a small clean cloth or towel into the water. Remove from water and lightly squeeze to remove excess water. Place gently on your face. Once it has cooled off, redip and reapply up to 2 more times. This little ritual will infuse your mind with harmonising, comforting, gentle vibes and your skin with extra love!

4. Remove impurities

Sometimes you need more than a deep cleanse to counteract the pollution your skin endures throughout the day. This is where exfoliation works its magic. By drawing out impurities hidden beneath the top layer of your skin, it takes your cleansing routine to a whole new level. Bare Faced Exfoliant stars white clay and rice flour to lift off layers of dull, dead skin cells, absorb impurities and help unblock your pores to reveal the fresh, clean skin beneath.

To use, combine one teaspoon of Bare Faced Exfoliant with one to two teaspoons of Rose Water until a smooth paste is formed. Massage over your clean, damp face, neck and décolletage using gentle circular movements. Rinse to remove. (Side note: You can also use this as an absorbent mask by leaving it to dry for approximately 15 minutes before removing and rinsing well).

5. Soothe and Refine

After exfoliating, spritz your gleaming skin with a Fine Tuning Solution or floral water to tone, hydrate and refine your complexion, help restore your skin’s acid mantle and refresh your senses.

6. Experience Multivitamin Magic

After clearing out impurities, infuse your skin with total replenishment with a serum. Serums possess tiny molecules that move deep into your skin to convey potent healing properties directly to the deepest layers of your skin for maximum effect. They’re an intensive skin treatment; a supercharged multivitamin for your complexion! Replenish Serum is perfect for a Valentine’s Day themed ritual. It blankets your skin in a world of healing actives, extracts and phytonutrients for skin that is supple and recharged from the deepest level. Its suruplus of replenishing fatty acids and antioxidants work to soften and regenerate. It helps neutralise free radical damage, promote the formation of news skin cells and enhance suppleness. Gently massage a small amount into your face using upward movements, then press gently into your skin to aid absorption.

7. Lock in Moisture

Moisturising is the icing of your skin loving nourishment cake. It helps prevent dehydration and dryness and creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. Perfect Potion moisturisers are infused with pure, aromatic essential oils. So while your skin drinks in all their therapeutic properties, your spirits are also replenished and uplifted by the subtle qualities of aromatherapy. Given it’s a Valentine’s Day-inspired ritual, we suggest Frankincense and Rose Moisture Cream.  Massage gently into your face, neck and décolletage using upward movements, then press into your skin to aid absorption and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and enriched.

8. Come full circle

Time to complete your ritual. Add 1 drop of the essential oil or essential oil blend used in your diffuser at the start of your ritual to your palms. Rub your palms together and hold your hands 5-10cm in front of your face. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 3 slow breaths. Your ritual is now complete. Drift off and enjoy the rest of your evening remembering to hold only the most loving thoughts about your beautiful self!

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