Bergamot Competition Winner

Thank you all so much for such a delightful range of bergamot blends.

It is without a doubt my favourite oil that just radiates so much positivity and warmth. I could not imagine any blend without Bergamot oil in it. In a perfume it is such an important oil to help bridge and harmonise floral notes with the citrus notes. We certainly had some really amazing entries and as usual it was so difficult to choose a winner.

First I would like to thank everyone for their amazing entry. I love the way you all combined bergamot with other citrus oils to create such fresh vibrant blends.

Lyn Bishop created a powerful positive blend for the new year by blending bergamot, mandarin, cold pressed lime and juniper berry. Melissa Resnelis also created an energetic blend with a simple combination of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon.

Cindy Hsieh, just for calling your blend “free hugs” you get runner up. The name and the blend reminds me of Michael Franti’s song ‘Once a Day’. Cindy’s blend radiates so much love and warmth. I am sure that Michael Franti is a bergamot personality! Sorry I got distracted, back to Cindy’s blend. Cindy managed to blend bergamot with some really rich herbaceous oils – rosemary, sweet marjoram, lavender and geranium. Bergamot beautifully balances these oils to create a refreshing and uplifting blend that is warm and embracing. This blend really did feel like a hug – as Cindy and Michael Franti say sometimes a hug is all we need!

The runner up prize is a 10ml bottle of perfect potion certified organic geranium oil which is the next essential oil monograph that we will be releasing later this week.

Sometimes when it comes to blending it is best to remember the philosophy “keep it simple”.

Being summer I wanted a bergamot blend that radiated all the energy of summer. Summer in Australia is a hot, but it is also time to relax, to be on holiday and go to the beach and have a relaxing carefree time to prepare for another busy hectic year. Peita Lane managed to beautifully replicate this feeling in her blend. Peita created a very beautiful, simple blend that jumped out of the bottle and shouted sunshine and positivity!

Her winning blend was bergamot, grapefruit, sweet orange, geranium and ylang ylang. She explained that her blend reminded her of sunshine and being in nature. Congratulations Peita for creating this lovely summer blend, a $100 Perfect Potion gift voucher is on its way.

Once again thank you all so much for such awesome blends.

Geranium is the next oil that I will be profiling; it is a very interesting and wonderful essential oil to use in aromatherapy. It is also a very controversial oil as you will find out when you read my geranium monograph.

I do look forward to seeing some amazing geranium blends!

Just remember that geranium oil has such a rich rosy, herbaceous and green aroma that makes it a beautiful balancing blend provides us with emotional balance, stability and a sense of calm.

Many thanks,