Bare Faced and Free: a cleansing ritual guide

In our modern world of pollution, stress and makeup, every now and then our skin needs to be set free.

The circular motion of exfoliation is ritualistic and promotes mindfulness while a good exfoliant itself eradicates impurities and lifts away dead skin cells.

Emotionally it is a cleansing ritual. It strips away the experiences and residue of the day leaving you fresh and uncovered.

Often we feel that we need to cover ourselves, to feel concealed in some form or another. The act of being bare is revealing and liberating. You feel vulnerable and naked, but it can bring you closer into the world around you and make you feel free, unencumbered by stressful thoughts and in a natural state of mindfulness.

Ritual purification is a primary feature of many religions with the aim to remove a specifically define uncleanliness prior to a worshiping activity. Often this cleansing ritual, like the washing or hands and feet in Islam, is done prior to the worship of a deity. But we ask, why do we create cleansing rituals to worship others? Why not worship ourselves?

Worshiping yourself doesn’t necessarily mean hanging a portrait of yourself above your bed, it means take some time for yourself so that you are more productive in your every day. Worshiping yourself is a form of mindfulness and meditation; whether the worshiping of yourself is practicing yoga, taking a long walk or painting a watercolour mandala is counts towards you being more productive and sensitive to the goings-on around you.

How to take a moment and worship yourself

Not everyone has time to sit down and do an hour long beauty therapy session. Taking a moment can literally mean ‘take a moment,’ Close the bathroom door and take a minute to settle your breathing. Begin your cleansing ritual, rhythmically washing the day off your skin and centering yourself into the moment. Think of nothing else, except exactly what you are doing in that moment.

What’s so good about our Bare Faced Exfoliant?

Whether you have sensitive, tender or normal skin the ingredients in Bare Faced will suit your skin. Some exfoliants are overpoweringly grainy and have the potential to over cleanse your skin. If your skin is over cleansed it will try to even itself out again and often this can result in an increased production of the impurities you originally aimed to cleanse.

We use Kaolin and white clay in our recipe to absorb impurities and sandalwood essential oil to calm the skin. The scents of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood calm the senses and contribute to the wisdom of ritual we want you to enjoy.

How to use it:

Our Bare Faced Exfoliant will get your skin back to a state of bare simplicity unclad by impurities. Our recipe uses fine granules of rice and extract of elderflower and chamomile to shed the surface of your skin. Further your ritual with our active Papaya Enzyme Mask to soften and smooth. Hydrate with a spritz of our organic Rose Water to calm and cool; finish by nourishing your skin with our Replenish Serum to firm, tone and nurture.

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